Tremor Video Set To Launch TV Intelligence Solution

Tremor Video, a programmatic video platform, is poised to launch a data-driven TV Intelligence offering. It says this connected TV solution “will allow advertisers to reach the most relevant consumers with precision using a greater breadth and depth of audience data assets.” “For years, Tremor has been a trusted source of innovation within TV and cross-screen […]

Tremor Video To Launch New CTV Offering

Tremor Video Expands Data-Driven ACR Solutions

Tremor Video, a programmatic video platform, today renewed its partnership with Alphonso to expand its exclusive automatic content recognition (ACR) solutions that enable brands to reach TV audiences more precisely and effectively across video devices. Coupled with its recently combined RhythmOne offerings (YuMe and RadiumOne), this move is designed to boost Tremor Video’s position in […]

Tremor Video Launches Self-Service DSP Advancements

Programmatic video platform Tremor Video has implemented self-service DSP advancements to its platform featuring a modernized user interface (UI) and advanced tools that the company says “simplify and enhance clients’ experience in planning, executing and tracking their video advertising campaigns.” “Traders are increasingly strapped for time and need to eliminate any busy work in orchestrating […]

Tremor Video Adds AI Enhancements To Demand-Side Platform

Tremor Video, a programmatic video platform, today announced it has expanded its demand-side platform’s (DSP) advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and machine-learning technology. Tremor Video says the move positions it “at the forefront of the industry — revolutionizing the concept of data-driven marketing with a platform that is capable of adjusting for user behavior based on […]

Ad Delivery In The Golden Age Of Video

For video consumers, choice is rampant — in both content and platform. In fact, Tremor Video CEO Bill Day says the current environment has created what he deems the golden age of video. When talking about the complexity in reaching consumers amid media fragmentation, Day stresses his belief that it should be relatively short lived as companies like Tremor Video and Nielsen take a broader view of the total audience.

Tremor Video Pulls TV Listings In Video Ad Formats

Nielsen, Tremor Bring TV Metrics To Online

In another nod to video’s increasing currency, Nielsen and ad network Tremor Video are teaming up to expand their respective footprints. Per the partnership, Tremor’s VideoHub customers will be granted access to Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings’ gross rating points via VideoHub for Advertisers.