Study Shows TV Ads Lift Website Traffic


Study: TV Ads More Engaging Than Video Ads

A new biometric survey shows that traditional TV commercials are four times more engaging than video advertising on Facebook. Boston-based Innerscope Research used biometric monitoring, eye-tracking and traditional survey methods to measure the nonconscious and conscious reactions of 390 consumers ages 18 to 34.

Ahead Of IPO, Twitter Targets TV Ad Industry

The social network, gearing up for its IPO, understands that it could generate revenue by targeting the TV advertising industry and has recently been courting networks and advertisers as it rolls out more marketing products. One of those solutions is Amplify, which is currently being used by ESPN and BBC America. Amplify lets networks post short video replays on Twitter in near-real time.

TWC Slapped For ‘Fiber Optic’ Claims

A National Advertising Review Board panel has urged Time Warner Cable to stop making claims in ads that the cable company’s services are provided on a fiber or fiber optic network.

Americans Ignore Internet Ads More Than TV

A majority of Americans say they ignore Internet ads — far more than television, radio and newspaper ads. Some 63% of consumers say they tend to ignore or disregard all Internet ads. Among this group, 43% say they don’t pay attention to banner ads and 20% ignore search ads.

Stations Rebrand As Multiplatform Outlets

Local advertising is getting more attention, particularly as smaller marketers — and national advertisers seeking to spend more heavily in specific regions and in smaller communities — have grown more sophisticated. They are more eager to test out video advertising rather than relying entirely on direct mail, Yellow Pages and local newspapers.