PTC Presses Powell For Ratings Board Changes

FCC Can’t Say if TV Content Ratings Are Accurate

The industry board overseeing the TV content ratings system has not been sufficiently accessible or transparent, but there is not enough evidence to conclude the ratings are inaccurate because the FCC did not have enough time to make that determination and meet its congressional deadline (It had 90 days to meet that deadline).

PTC Calls For FCC Hearings on Content Ratings

Content Ratings Are Hot Topic At FCC

Turns out there is much interest in the FCC’s congressionally mandated review of the TV content ratings system, driven in part by the followers of groups familiar in the fight for what they see as the need for more family-friendly programming — Parents Television Council, Concerned Women for America. At press time, it was the busiest FCC docket in the past 30 days with 1,747 comments.