Adapting To The Demands Of A Digital World

Whether it’s the tote board tracking telethon results, appeals from charities and religious ministries, or the advertising messages that drive consumer purchases, television is a medium that can influence consumer behavior. What’s changed is the way people consume the content. That change is leading to discussions about television’s place in a digital world. The combination of TV and digital advertising can increase brand recall and message recall by considerable amounts when compared to results from TV ads alone.

CES 2015

TV-Digital Convergence Lags, But Is Vital

Convergence of traditional TV and digital media is still hard to come by. “We are not dealing with convergence anywhere that we should,” says Irwin Gotlieb, global chairman of Group M, speaking at a Consumer Electronics Show panel. “Business practices have always been different. TV in each country is different.” He says that legacy problems remain. “We have to work around those issues.”