Nielsen Adds Internet Viewing To TV Homes

Based on its new definition of a TV home — one that can include a broadband connection — Nielsen says the number of TV homes is up versus the year before to 115.6 million homes. Nielsen says its TV household universe estimate (UE) grew 1.2% over its estimate for the 2012-13 season which was at 114.2 million. In addition, Nielsen says the total number of TV viewers is 1.6% higher to 294 million persons ages 2 and older.

How Does One Define A TV Household, Now?

TV Begins Eroding As Primary Video Device

TV is still the media elephant in U.S. living rooms, but the way Americans watch television and other forms of video programming is changing so rapidly that a top Nielsen executive says the media ratings giant has begun working with its clients to “redefine” the very nature of the households it measures.