TV Networks Slowly Increase On-Air Promos

TV networks have ramped up on-air promotion efforts, in terms of the number of promo program airings, to near pre-pandemic levels since the beginning of the year. U.S.-based TV networks from January through mid-March aired 1.1 million on-air promos, yielding 180.4 billion impressions, according to A year ago, over the same period, there was 1.2 million program airings, totaling 219 billion impressions.

Nets Push Netflix For Promos, Branding

Networks that license shows to Netflix are pushing the streaming service to carry promotional branding for the network. ABC’s How to Get Away with Murder secured such a deal.


6 Marketing Ways Nets Can Drive Viewership

Media companies need to precisely maximize the use of all of their available marketing channels. TV networks have the opportunity to be more precise in measuring the impact of promotions on actual ratings: overall, and by marketing channel.