TVB Announces Supporting Partners for Next Women Program

The Television Bureau of Advertising (TVB) today announced new supporting partners for the NEXT Women program. Underwritten by WideOrbit, Next Women helps identify, prepare and advocate for women in the local broadcast television industry as they aspire to leadership roles. Launched in 2020, the Next Women program currently has more than 1,700 members and provides resources […]

TVB Survey Finds TV Most Effective Way To Get Out The Vote

Local news was found to be the most trusted media platform, with social media and cable news being the top purveyors of “fake news” according to the TVB.

Talking TV: TV’s Surprising Power In Sports Betting

TVNewsCheck‘s Michael Depp talks with Hadassa Gerber, head of research at TVB, about the organization’s recent survey on sports betting and how television wields enormous influence over sports bettors’ decisions.

TVB: TV & Sports Betting: A Winning Combination

Sports betting in the U.S. has taken over the sports world, with everything from professional leagues partnering with sportsbooks to athletes being sponsored by legal sports betting entities. Sports betting continues to be a major fixture in the country. TVB conducted a study to discover how sports betting entities like DraftKings, FanDuel and others are reaching potential players, and to identify the importance of media platforms in influencing online sports bettor’ decisions.

TVB: TV Was Biggest Influence In Virginia Governor’s Race


Move To Impressions-Based Measurement, Sports Betting Brighten ’22 Outlook

From increased adoption of impressions-based measurement to the rapid rise of sports betting, 2021 was a winning year for local broadcast TV advertising.

Political, Sports Betting Buoy Flagging Auto Business For Spot TV

A trio of TVB Forward sessions last week laid out the golden promises of 2022 political spending and the ongoing growth of sports betting, offsetting auto’s precipitous fall.

TVB Forward: Panels, Impressions, Pay Per Performance Are Top Priorities For Ad Execs

Executives say looking at multiple data sets, including panel information, helps paint a clearer viewership picture.

Talking TV: Does TV Advertising Need Therapy?

TVNewsCheck‘s Michael Depp and TVB President-CEO Steve Lanzano discuss persistent agency silos, audience measurement woes and automation resistance in the world of TV advertising, prompting the question of whether the whole business could use some time on the couch to work through its issues.


Focus On Advertising | Broadcasters Turn Inward For Automated Sales Solutions

Executives from NBCUniversal Local (Frank Comerford, above), Tegna, Sinclair and Hearst told a TVNewsCheck webinar they’re bedeviled by persistent gaps in the available buying/selling pipeline, which have bogged down the transaction process and added to their expenses. Those woes are leading some broadcasters to bring more of their automated functions in house.


TVN Focus On Advertising | Sports Betting Skyrockets For Broadcasters

Sports wagering has invigorated station groups’ core revenue, climbing to the second-biggest ad sales category for many of them and angling to knock automotive from its top spot in the next few years. Note: This story is available to TVNewsCheck Premium members only. If you would like to upgrade your free TVNewsCheck membership to Premium now, you can visit your Member Home Page, available when you log in at the very top right corner of the site or in the Stay Connected Box that appears in the right column of virtually every page on the site. If you don’t see Member Home, you will need to click Log In or Subscribe.

Talking TV | TVB Research, Dividends And Sports Rights

TVNewsCheck‘s Michael Depp talks with Hadassa Gerber, TVB’s chief research officer, about its latest media comparisons research study and with Harry Jessell, TVN‘s editor-at-large, about a broadcast investment alternative to paying dividends along with the clarifying picture about sports rights negotiations. Read Jessell’s column on dividends here.

TVB Repeats Calls To Delay Nielsen’s Inclusion Of BBO Homes

Steve Lanzano, TVB president-CEO, said Wednesday that Nielsen should delay its inclusion of broadband-only homes in its measurement “until the current sample is fixed.”

Stations Set To Roll Out Project Roadblock PSAs

To help make roads safer during this time of year, the Television Bureau of Advertising (TVB) today announced the 17th annual Project Roadblock initiative, in which local TV stations donate advertising time and space to support NHTSA and the Ad Council’s “Buzzed Driving is Drunk Driving” PSA campaign. Many Americans are expected to travel during the holidays despite […]

Barr To Broadcasters: ‘We Must All Do Better’

Broadcasters must hold public officials accountable, Graham Media CEO Emily Barr tells TVB conference attendees, and diversify station ranks from the bottom to the top.

Local Evening News: An Event Every Night

A TVB analysis of March viewing data finds that a single night of local TV news drew greater audiences than the NFL First Round Draft, the Academy Awards, and Monday Night Football.

Higher Viewing Offers Political Ad Opportunities

A TVB analysis shows the coronavirus pandemic has substantially increased levels of broadcast TV viewership, especially among adults 35+.

Time Spent With Traditional TV Still No. 1

A new study by GfK for TVB finds that local broadcast TV, both on-air and digital, when compared to other media, maintained its position as the top medium for consumers. In addition, local broadcast TV remains the most trusted news source.

TV Stations No. 1 Source For Calif. Fire News

A new study commissioned by TVB shows 79% of respondents used TV station news for information about the wildfires as compared to the second highest, radio, at 47%.

CBS’s Marenghi, ABC’s McMahon Urge Support Of Impressions Plan

The two station group chiefs say they welcome the TVB’s plan to transition to impressions-based local TV currency.


TVN Focus On Advertising | TVB Driving Impressions-Based Ad Buying

“In our current multiplatform world, everything is now being sold on an impression basis except linear TV,” says TVB President Steve Lanzano. “We want local TV stations and the ad agencies to be able to sell and buy that way, too. We have been working with the buying agencies for some time behind the scenes and now we are going public.”

Agencies To Buy 2020 Spot Via New Cloud

The orders will use Open TVB and the TIP Compatible Format. More than 2,000 local TV and radio sellers have already been trained by Hudson MX on the “pre-buy” process with additional campaign management training to be provided for all rep firms, TV and radio broadcasters in preparation for 2020 orders starting in mid-September.

Stations Want To Ditch Traditional Ratings

TV stations are working to tune in a new methodology for counting viewers of the 6 p.m. news and morning talk shows. The TVB, the trade organization that represents more than 800 TV stations and TV broadcast groups, is pressing Madison Avenue to start using viewer impressions as a base for striking ad deals rather than continuing to rely on TV ratings.

TIP Initiative Survey Highlights Agencies’ Priorities

TIP Initiative, an industry work group promoting open interfaces to streamline advertising transactions for local TV broadcasters and their media agency partners, today released a new white paper highlighting results from the Local Broadcast TV Automation Survey. The survey identified a consistent set of priorities and expected benefits for automating local TV advertising transactions that focus on modernizing […]

TV’s Consumer Purchasing Impact Tops All Other Media Combined

Examining consumers’ receptiveness to advertising across various platforms, TVB today released findings from the 2019 Purchase Funnel, an independent study conducted by GfK that measures the influence of media on consumers during their purchase decision making process. Once again, consumers cited traditional television advertising as having the strongest influence on their purchasing behavior, greater than the influence of […]

TVB Names David Buonfiglio VP, Digital

He fills a new position at the trade group, joining from Cordillera Digital, where he led sales teams and managed all revenue and marketing initiatives across the enterprise.


Noland And Auerbach: TVN’s Bright Futurists

The recipients of TVNewsCheck’s inaugural Women in Technology Futurist Awards — the TVB’s Abby Auerbach and LG and ATSC’s Madeleine Noland — epitomize the quality of taking a long-range view of where the television industry should be moving and figuring out how to get it there.

TIP Initiative Implements First Local Ad API

The interface lets TV stations automatically report local spot airing times directly to agency buying partner systems for analysis and reconciliation. In addition, NBC And Telemundo Owned Stations join the broadcast consortium.


TVB’s Auerbach Named A Top TV Tech Futurist

Abby Auerbach, the trade group’s EVP and chief communications officer, has played a fundamental and pioneering role in the decades-long effort to streamline the process of buying and selling local television advertising.

Leo MacCourtney Named Chairman Of TVB

The president of Katz Television Group is chosen to succeed Perry Sook as the trade association’s chairman through 2020.

Over $3B Spent On Midterm Local TV Ads

The total set a new record for political ad spending on local broadcast television for any election cycle, according to TVB.

TVB Forward’s Focus: Revenue Generation

Top media executives to gather on Sept. 27 in New York for expert insights on driving sustainable business success plus demonstrations on how agencies, brands and political campaigns leverage linear TV’s unrivaled consumer reach, viewership, influence and trust to generate results.

NAB 2018

TIP Initiative Boosts Electronic Ad Deals

Major TV broadcasters and media agencies support the industry’s development of open standards-based business interfaces for local TV.

Nielsen Asked To Replace Live Only Data

The 4A’s and the Television Bureau of Advertising want Nielsen to move to Live +1 measurement that captures households tuning into or people viewing a program at the actual time it was telecast, plus any delayed viewing within 24 hours of a recorded program.


What’s Ahead From Nielsen, ComScore

The ratings rivals explain to broadcasters what they have in store to improve and expand their services and address the five biggest concerns of stations regarding measurement: ratings inconsistency, sample size, demo issues, modeling of ratings and too many methodologies.


TVB’s Sook Emphasizes Strength Of Local TV

The trade group’s chairman and CEO of Nexstar Media Group sayslocal broadcast television remains the most powerful place to be within the media and advertising ecosphere. Our local news programming touches the daily lives of our viewers and connects people to their communities.”



Programmatic Not A Dirty Word Anymore

Advertisers and their agencies are attracted to automated platforms because of the data analysis features that allow them to get better value from their buys. “The task for broadcast stations and the companies that serve them is about how to build a framework on top of legacy systems” so that the process of buying spot television is much easier than it is today, says SintecMedia’s Lorne Brown.


Ryvicker: Local TV Stocks Rated Outperform

Wells Fargo analyst Marci Ryvicker sees station groups’ core advertising, which excludes political, growing 2% next year. In addition, she says broadcast stocks are also likely to get a boost from the FCC’s easing of the media ownership restrictions that will lead to further consolidation of the industry.



TVB Presents EMMA, NEXT Awards

TVB today announced the winners of this year’s Excellence in Local Media Marketing Solutions Awards (EMMA) and NEXT Awards at Forward 2017 — local broadcast television’s annual outlook conference in New York City.

TVB: Local News Most Preferred During Irma

TVB today released “Hurricane Irma Media Usage” survey results. The survey was conducted by Research Now  and showed residents overwhelmingly chose their local TV stations over all other media for storm coverage, with 85% of respondents using local TV news for critical information. On a daily average, Floridians spent the most time with local TV news during the weather emergency, with over five hours of viewing, while Hispanic viewers spent nearly six hours.