TVEyes Will No Longer Carry Fox News

Fox News has fully prevailed in a copyright lawsuit against TVEyes, a media monitoring service that allows its users to find and share clips of broadcast news. On Friday, Fox News informed a New York federal judge that it had reached a settlement with TVEyes, putting an end to the five-year-old case. As part of the deal, TVEyes has agreed to a permanent injunction and will no longer be permitted to carry copyrighted content from Fox News.

Supreme Court Turns Away TVEyes

In a blow to web monitoring service TVEyes, the Supreme Court has refused to review a lower court ruling that requires the company to stop offering video clips from Fox News programs.

FNC To SCOTUS: Reject TVEyes Petition

Fox News doesn’t want the U.S. Supreme Court to review its copyright win against the media monitoring service TVEyes. On Wednesday, the cable news giant submitted its opposition to a cert petition and downplayed the stakes other than implying that a reversal of earlier decisions in the case would undercut the hundreds of millions of dollars invested in training journalists and gathering news.

Fox News Case Appealed To Supreme Court

The U.S. Supreme Court may soon have the opportunity to shake up the consumption of news. At stake could very well be the online dissemination of broadcast news clips as well as a deeper understanding of how politics and news intersect. That’s because Wednesday, the media monitoring service TVEyes indicated in an application to the high court that it would indeed be petitioning for review of a recent appellate loss to Fox News.

Fox News Wins Against Clip Sharing Service

Fox News has come out victorious in a blockbuster ruling on Tuesday that could cause a sharp derailment in the sharing of clips from the cable network. In the decision, the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals analyzes copyright fair use and comes to the conclusion that TVEyes, a media monitoring service, went too far by giving its customers the ability to watch virtually all of Fox News’ content.

FNC’s Clip Sharing Fight Moves To Appeals Court

TVEyes Must Block Fox News Downloads

News monitoring service TVEyes can continue to stream Fox News clips to its subscribers, but may no longer allow people to download those clips to their own computers in order to watch them offline, a federal judge has ruled.

Networks Rally Against TVEyes

Yesterday, CNN, CBS, NBCU, and other networks joined Fox by filing a friend of the court brief in its battle with TVEyes, a subscription based service that lets you “monitor” broadcast news.

Judge: TV Clip Service Not Violating Copyright

NEW YORK (AP) — A media monitoring company distributing television clips and snippets of transcripts to customers including the White House and Congress hasn’t violated broadcasters’ copyrights by letting its customers search its database, but it’s unclear whether all facets of its business will get a judicial stamp of approval, a judge said Tuesday. U.S. District […]