Analyst: T-Mobile’s Surrender Is Landmark Defeat For Traditional Pay TV

T-Mobile TVision Raises Competitive Concerns For Sling TV, Philo

The Uncarrier’s new pay TV service matches up against these specific incumbents well in terms price and channel selection, and executives have noticed

Discovery In Dispute With T-Mobile Over TVision

Discovery CEO David Zaslav said that it is currently in a dispute over how Discovery’s channels are being offered on T-Mobile’s new TVision pay TV service. Sources familiar with the situation said ViacomCBS has similar concerns.

T-Mobile Offers Another Streaming Service

With its TVision service, T-Mobile says it’s aiming to offer a simpler and and cheaper service for people dissatisfied with cable. It will cost $10 a month with live news, entertainment and sports channels. But it’s entering a crowded field. And most similar streaming services have found it difficult to sustain low prices over time.

FCC Docs Take The Wraps Off TVision

Applications show the TMobile device could be based on the same dongle as Dish’s AirTV Mini.

Dentsu Aegis Using TVision Data For Campaigns

Media agency Dentsu Aegis Network said it will be using data from TVision as part of its Attention Economy initiative, which aims to compare attention across all media channels to improve the impact of advertising. Dentsu’s agencies will utilize some aspects of TVision’s data, in parallel with proprietary insights tools, to plan TV/OTT campaigns based on attention metrics for the first time.

‘Supergirl’ Tops In Ad Viewability

The CW’s Supergirl had the highest ad viewability score during May, according to research company TVision. Viewability is opportunity to view, defined as someone who was in the room for two or more seconds. Commercials in Supergirl were most likely to be seen, enhancing the value of the show to advertisers.

TVision Raises $11.5M In New Funding

New Metrics Pay ‘Attention’ To Screen Time

Using its “vision technology,” TVision Insights says its findings for top TV shows should be considered differently versus other third-party research companies touting pure traditional viewership measured data. The company says its technology measures the time, second-by-second, that viewers’ eyes are focusing a TV screen. The data was collected anonymously and passively from some 7,500 individuals across 2,000 opt-in panelist households in Boston, Chicago and Dallas measured in the fourth quarter of 2016.

For Marketers, TV Sets Are Invaluable Eyes

Several companies, eager to help brands more efficiently spend advertising money, use devices to track viewing habits in surprisingly granular detail.

Audience Measurement Moving Forward

Audience measurement, like online advertising, has suffered from plenty of growing pains over the past few years, with providers struggling to define consistent metrics and reduce problems such as click fraud. But the recent wins chalked up separately by comScore and TVision show that progress is being made on this front.