iPad Gives Apple Lead In Tablet-TV Push

Later this year, the iPad will add its latest TV-related feature, mirroring via AirPlay to Apple TV. While only 4.2 million Apple TVs have been sold, 1.4 million of that total came in the last quarter, suggesting that adoption is accelerating.

Britain Becomming Nation Of ‘Chatterboxes’

Almost half of people under 35 claim to have commented to others via online or text message while watching a TV program, in an emerging trend called “chatterboxing.” According to the Telescope 2012 study by the BBC’s TV licensing organization, the rise of “two-screen” viewing of TV shows, in which people use a laptop, smartphone or tablet while also watching programs, is changing habits around television consumption.

TV Taps Social Media to Keep Viewers

As more and more people chat on Facebook and Twitter while watching TV, networks are trying to figure out how to capitalize. It’s as if people are gathered around the online water cooler — and the television executives are nervously hovering nearby, hoping viewers keep talking and, by extension, watching their shows.