FCC OKs Wireless Mics In New Spectrum

New rules adopted by the FCC address the long-term needs of wireless-microphone users by providing continued access to the 600 MHz band and expanding access to other bands. The commission also agreed to permit unlicensed fixed and personal/portable white-space devices and unlicensed wireless microphones to use channels in the 600 MHz band and television-broadcast bands while continuing to protect television and other licensed services from harmful interference.


FCC Puts Wireless Mic Comments On Hold

Last month the FCC proposed to preserve vacant UHF TV channel space in every geographic area of the country for use by unlicensed TV white space devices and wireless microphones. The deadlines for comments on the proposal were set, and things seemed to be moving merrily along on the fast track. But now the FCC has announced that the comment deadlines have been suspended until further notice.

McDowell Against More Unlicensed Use

Republican FCC Commissioner Robert McDowell touted the benefits of unlicensed spectrum but said he opposes setting aside a further swath of TV airwaves for unlicensed use.