TVN Focus On Digital | TV Station CMSs Streamline And Simplify

Content management systems are the workhorses of local stations’ digital operations. Executives from Tegna, NBCU, CBS, Gray, Nexstar and Fox have discovered that user simplicity and integrations for multiplatform distribution have become essential attributes. Note: This story is available to TVNewsCheck Premium members only. If you would like to upgrade your free TVNewsCheck membership to Premium now, you can visit your Member Home Page, available when you log in at the very top right corner of the site or in the Stay Connected Box that appears in the right column of virtually every page on the site. If you don’t see Member Home, you will need to click Log In or Subscribe.


TVN Tech | Long On Benefits, UGC Loses Its Friction

New tools are making it easier for viewers to submit video — and transfer rights — to TV stations. Groups like Gray and Tegna say simplified UGC has boosted engagement, and expanded coverage without increasing staff. Above, user-generated content appeared throughout Gray Television’s WECT Wilmington, N.C.’s coverage of the Surf City Fire story last year. (Source: Jacob Robert Younce)

Tegna Leans Into User-Generated Content On Linear And Digital

In a year crammed with arresting news images, local broadcaster Tegna has started to leverage photos and videos shot by its audience. Over the past five months, Tegna station reporters and producers have been combing through photos and videos that people have submitted to their CMS using a feature in their stations’ mobile apps called Near Me.

AP Adding More User-Generated Content

A new tool from the Associated Press will now allow users of its service to pull in topical and verified content shared by users on social media such as photos and videos around breaking news. Using the web interface provided by social media platform manager SAM (AP owns a stake in SAM and has been using it since 2015), AP Social Newswire lets AP clients look through social content that is being curated and vetted by AP editors in real-time.


How To Safely Use Crowd-Sourced Material

Attorney Kevin Goldberg: “When I first started practicing law, almost all questions I received from clients related to defamation, invasion of privacy or FOIA issues. Now I’d say that I get at least as many, and possibly more, copyright-related questions than any or all of those three. I suspect that that’s largely because of the ease with which people can share and republish content via a web page or social media.” Here are some guidelines.

NAB 2016

Axle Pulse Promises More Feet On The Street

At the  NAB Show, Axle Video is taking the concept of maximizing feet on the street to a whole new level by making it possible for TV networks, station groups and individual broadcast stations to put hundreds — if not thousands — of citizen journalists on the street shooting news footage with their own smart phones and uploading it for possible use on air.

Should We Pay For User-Generated Content?

With a number of apps now offering money to citizen journalists for news coverage, including Verifeye, the question, says CJR‘s Damaris Colhoun, is should we monetize user-generated content? Claire Wardle, research director at Columbia University’s Tow Center: “When you create a marketplace for breaking news content, as soon as you put a monetary value on eyewitness media, there is real evidence that people have crossed police lines, they put themselves in danger, they show graphic imagery when they have no training to do that.”


Campbell: UGC Use In Local News Is Growing

Rebecca Campbell, president and CEO of the Disney ABC Television Station group says her stations encourage user-generated content and sees its use to steadly increase. “I don’t think we’re old media. We’re pioneers again because we have new spaces to take our content and save lives and share happy moments in the community.”

Best Practices For User-Generated Content

The AP’s Eric Carvin, Pro Publica’s Amanda Zamora and CNN iReport’s Katie Hawkins-Gaar pulled together some excellent advice for anyone hoping to do a better job with content contributed by the audience. In true UGC style, they crowdsourced many of the best ideas from the journalism community at large.

Chyron, Cell Journalist Ease User-Gen. Content

Chyron today announced that it has integrated the company’s CAMIO graphics asset management server with the Web-based Cell Journalist application to streamline the incorporation of user-generated video content into a news rundown. This integration lets producers locate Cell Journalist content through the Associated Press ENPS interface and quickly move it to the CAMIO server for […]

NBC O&Os Add Instagram For Viewer Photos

The iPhone photo sharing app has been integrated into the NBC Owned Stations’ production systems, to make it quick and easy to use viewer images on the air or online.