Verance Partners With Linear Acoustic On VP1

NAB 2015: Verance-Linear Acoustic Products Preview

Verance-Linear Acoustic | Booth N5738 Verance Corp., a provider of watermarking solutions, today announced it has partnered with Linear Acoustic to integrate VP1, an open solution for first-screen ACR (automatic content recognition), into the Aero family of real-time and file-based TV station audio processors. VP1 was submitted by Verance to the Advanced Television Systems Committee […]

VP1 Interactive TV System Advances At ATSC

An ATSC 3.0 working group has recommended Verance Corp.’s VP1 technology be incorporated into the final standard to permit personalized audio and video, on-screen interactivity, dynamic advertising and viewer measurement, Verance said today.


VP1 Watermarking To Enable Enhanced Viewing Via ATSC 3.0