How Facebook Can Grow Its Media ‘Likes’

While there’s little chance that the social media powerhouse would adopt Rupert Murdoch’s suggestion that it pay media companies for “trusted content,” there are things it could do to strengthen its relationship with publishers and broadcasters to their mutual benefit.

Facebook Overhauls Video-Ad Strategy Again

Facebook will start testing ads before videos in January, the company said on Thursday. The ads, known as pre-roll ads because they run before the desired content, will only appear on videos in Facebook’s Watch hub.

Facebook Pitching Brand Safety

As Facebook ramps up its new “in-stream” video advertising, the social media company is attempting to avoid the brand safety headaches that have plagued rivals such as YouTube in recent months.

Facebook Prepares For 6-Second Video Ads

Facebook is working with some of its advertisers to develop video ads as short as 6 seconds, Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg said Wednesday. Video was top of mind for Sandberg and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg as they discussed the company’s second-quarter earnings on a conference call with Wall Street analysts.

Finally, How Facebook Compares To TV

And Pandora to digital video and BuzzFeed to Snapchat. A new study from the VAB claims to make these cross-platform comparisons buyers have been craving for years.

Facebook Developing Standalone Camera App

The app’s purpose is to prompt users to create and share more video content, the Wall Street Journal reports. Like Snapchat, the app’s current prototype opens to a camera view, and reports indicate it will also enable live streaming. Facebook won’t comment on the app, and sources indicate it’s still deep back in the pipeline. Journal subscribers can read the full story here.