Facebook To Settle Inflated Metrics Suit

Facebook has agreed to settle a class-action complaint accusing the company of inflating video metrics by up to 900%.

Marketers: Facebook Inflated Video Metrics

Marketers who are suing Facebook over allegations of inflated video metrics say the company’s errors were worse than it previously acknowledged. “Facebook’s records also show that the impact of its miscalculation was much more severe than reported,” marketers allege in court papers filed in August, but only unsealed on Tuesday. “The average viewership metrics were not inflated by only 60%-80%; they were inflated by some 150% to 900%.”

Facebook Rolls Out More Video Metrics

The new data for publishers includes viewer demographics (age, gender and location), at what points viewers are most engaged in videos and a heat map for 360-degree video that illustrates where viewers spend the most time watching.