Michael Pack Says Voice Of America Will Boost Visibility Of Editorials That Reflect Trump Administration Views

VOA Directors Resign After Bannon Ally Takes Charge Of U.S. Media Agency

Senate Panel Advances Trump Pick To Head Voice Of America

WASHINGTON (AP) — A bitterly divided Senate panel voted along party lines Thursday to advance President Donald Trump’s choice to head the Voice of America and other U.S. government-funded international broadcasters that have been the subject of harsh criticism from the White House. After rejecting eight Democratic requests to postpone the move, the Senate Foreign […]

Voice of America Reporter Says He Was Banned From Air Force Two Over Report On Mike Pence’s Maskless Mayo Clinic Visit

What’s Behind Trump’s Fresh Push To Wrest Control Of Voice Of America

Voice Of America Moves Global Newsrooms Remotely Into Journalists’ Homes

As the COVID-19 global pandemic continues to spread, Voice of America has moved its entire global newsroom remotely into the homes of hundreds of its journalists around the world in order to continue coverage of this historic moment. VOA is the nation’s largest international broadcaster, providing news and information in more than 40 languages to an estimated […]

Greta Van Susteren Gets Voice Of America Show

Russia Warns Of Crackdown On US Media

With RT agreeing to register, under protest, as a foreign agent in the United States, the Putin government is taking a hard look at CNN, Voice of America and Radio Liberty.

Russia To Investigate U.S.Media: Report

Russia plans to investigate American media outlets to determine whether they illegally influenced the Kremlin’s 2016 parliamentary elections, according to a Wednesday Moscow Times report. Leonid Levin, head of the legislative Committee on Information and Communication, reportedly said CNN, Voice of America and Radio Free Europe were among those being investigated.

VOA Jumps Through Tech Hoops To Report On WikiLeaks Documents

Trump Moves To Put His Stamp On VOA

The president dispatches two aides to the broadcasting agency that came under fire last weekend for its Trump coverage. The concern among some staffers is especially acute because Trump’s administration is getting control over the broadcasting agency just weeks after Congress moved to eliminate the board of directors that had served as an integrity check on the organization, instead consolidating power with a CEO position appointed by the president.

Trump To Inherit VOA With Expanded Reach

A provision tucked into the defense bill guts the Voice of America board, stoking fears that Trump could wield a powerful propaganda arm. That change, combined with a 2013 legislative revision that allows the network to legally reach a U.S. audience, which was once banned, could pave the way for Trump-approved content created by the U.S. diplomacy arm, if he chooses to exploit the opportunity.

Former ABC, CNN Reporter Ensor To Run VOA