VoiceInteraction Rolls Out New Monitoring Solutions

Speech processing technologies firm VoiceInteraction has introduced two new offerings. Media Monitoring System – Broadcast Edition A long-term 24/7 HD capture and recording solution, specifically engineered for live content visualization and control. Among its features: An integrated multiviewer for multiple market locations, gathered on the same page. A seamless and continuous 24/7 video timeline with […]

VoiceInteraction To Showcase Automatic Closed Captioning At NAB

VoiceInteraction will be showcasing the sixth generation of its automatic closed captioning product, Audimus.Media, at next week’s NAB Show (booth SU11021). The company’s flagship product, Audimus.Media, was built upon VoiceInteraction’s speech processing technology as a proprietary automatic closed captioning solution comprising state-of-the-art signal processing and machine learning techniques for live shows. It covers captioning accessibility requirements to live TV broadcast, Internet […]


AI Is A Key To Automated Closed Captioning

To accommodate the hearing impaired, the FCC requires stations to caption news and other live programming that they broadcast with minimal delays between the audio and captions. Some broadcasters would like to go beyond the regulatory mandate and caption all the programming they put on digital media. Automated captioning, helped by artificial intelligence, is closing in on making that a real possibility.