TVN’s Newsroom Innovators | WaPo’s Jorgenson Courts Next Gen On TikTok

Dave Jorgenson produces twice-daily posts geared to young audiences on nascent social video platform TikTok. In 10 months, he’s gained 400,000 subscribers there and tens of millions of views of his witty short videos, including tips on coronavirus hand washing and handshakes.

WaPo Tripling Investment In Revenue Tech Zeus

The Washington Post is tripling investment in Zeus, its revenue technology arm, sources tell Axios. The Post licenses Zeus products to other media companies to help them drive more ad revenue and create better user experiences.


How DC Came To Dominate Media Reporting

Hamiloton Nolan: Ten years ago day-to-day media reporting in New York City, which meant that the media news cycle was anchored by what was happening at New York media companies. Many of those outlets have since faded away. Today, one of the biggest employers of media reporters and critics in America is … the Washington Post. Has the center of media writing shifted from Gotham to DC?

Trump Campaign Sues WaPo For Libel

The lawsuit concerns two opinion articles that tied the 2016 Trump election campaign to Russia. A week ago, the campaign filed a similar action against The New York Times.


Tenn. Lawmaker Wants To Classify CNN, WaPo As ‘Fake News’

WaPo Unveils New Strategy For 2020 Coverage

The Washington Post today announced new data-driven initiatives to enhance its political reporting and analysis designed to give readers faster and more robust results.

Washington Post Launches First Spanish-Language News Podcast

Washington Post, MSNBC Set Special Debate Coverage Live From Atlanta

The Washington Post and MSNBC will kick off special coverage in Atlanta for the fifth Democratic presidential primary debate beginning Monday, Nov. 18. The two-hour live event, sanctioned by the Democratic National Committee, will air at 9 p.m. ET on Wednesday, Nov. 20 from Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta, Georgia. The debate will air live exclusively […]

Press Group: Libel Suit Could Set Bad Precedent

The Virginia Press Association asked Friday to intervene in a $50 million lawsuit Johnny Depp filed against Amber Heard, his ex-wife. Depp says he was defamed by an op-ed piece Heard wrote in The Washington Post in December 2018, in which she never identified Depp by name but referred to herself as a “public figure representing domestic abuse.”

White House Tells Agencies To Cancel NYT, WaPO Subscriptions

WAPO Launches Real-Time Automated Ad Net

The Washington Post has introduced a new solution for advertisers called Zeus Prime. It’s intended to offer a solution to Google and Facebook for publishers and advertisers. The Post partnered with buy-side demand platform Polar to build the ad-buying user interface.

Media Fight Takes Unusually Personal Tone

A skirmish involving President Donald Trump, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, the Washington Post and MSNBC has escalated into unusual personal bitterness this week, with election security legislation and Trump’s attacks on U.S. Rep. Elijah Cummings as the triggers.

WaPo Platform Fact-Checks ‘Manipulated Videos’

With manipulated videos looming as the next big disinformation disruptor, The Washington Post is expanding its role in “accountability journalism,” launching a new platform for fact-checking manipulated video content. “The Fact Checker’s Guide to Manipulated Video” launches today with tools for and identifying and labeling various forms of online video manipulation.

High School Student Sues Washington Post

Nicholas Sandmann, a high school student from Covington, Ky., sued the Washington Post for defamation on Tuesday, claiming the newspaper falsely accused him of racist acts and instigating a confrontation with a Native American activist in a January videotaped incident at the Lincoln Memorial.

The Rise Of The Robot Reporter

Washington Post Super Bowl Spot Spotlights Slain Journalists

The ad, narrated by Tom Hanks, features journalists who have been killed or disappeared. They include Jamal Khashoggi, a Washington Post columnist who wrote critically about the Saudi crown prince.

WaPo Launches 20-Minute Daily News Podcast

News Outlets Ready For Midterm Surprises

Leading newspapers and TV networks say they will not be caught by surprise if tonight’s midterm election results take unexpected turns. “I have no idea what’s going to happen,” says CNN Washington bureau chief Sam Feist.

Washington Post To Expand Tech Coverage

It will add 11 technology roles based in San Francisco, Seattle and Washington.

WaPo’s CRO Hartman Abruptly Leaves

After almost four years in the job, Washington Post Chief Revenue Officer Jed Hartman is no longer with the company, company executives informed staffers on Thursday. Kate Davey, vice president of revenue strategy, will serve as interim CRO.

Why The Washington Post And Reuters Are Livestreaming On A Video Game Platform

WaPo Names Sikka EP Of New Flagship Podcast

The Washington Post has hired award-winning journalist and veteran audio storyteller Madhulika Sikka as an executive producer on The Post’s audio team. Sikka will hire a team and oversee the creation of a new flagship podcast set to launch later this year. “The Post is making a major investment in audio following the success of […]

Washington Post Starting Ch. On Amazon’s Twitch

WaPo Offers Exclusive Benefits To Keep Subs

The Washington Post now has about 25 people working on retention as it seeks to grow its digital subscriptions, now at 1 million.

Washington Post To Expand Newsroom

After closing its second year of profits, the 140-year-old Washington Post is poised to expand its newsroom and business operations. Digital subscriptions have tripled since 2016, and the newspaper now has more than 1 million paid digital subscribers.

Tracy Grant Upped To WaPo Managing Editor


WaPo Sees Monitization Promise In YouTube

Micah Gelman, the paper’s director of video: “YouTube is a place that people come to watch video specifically. People are much more accepting of a pre-roll experience there….We can sell [YouTube] in a way that we cannot sell Facebook.” (Photo: Jack Pagano, Ariana Television Network)

NewsTECHForum Free Registration To End

Free registration for the fifth annual NewsTECHForum conference, set for Dec. 11-12 at the New York Hilton, will end Monday, Dec. 4. Among this year’s highlights are keynote interviews with Facebook’s Campbell Brown and The Washington Post‘s Micah Gelman.

WaPo Expands Media Coverage With Sarah Ellison

WaPo ‘Shocked And Appalled’ By Ala. Robocall

Washington Post On Reddit Surprises Users

They are struck by the paper’s non-promotional, ultra helpful presence. The not-so-revolutionary secret to the Post brand’s gradual acceptance by Reddit is its consistent transparency, including responding to unflattering accusations about the “Amazon Washington Post” and its ownership.

Media Wants To See Vegas Shooting Records

Several news organizations have filed lawsuits urging officials to release more information about the Las Vegas shooting, claiming they are violating public records law by keeping many of the details a secret. The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and the FBI have been tight-lipped in recent weeks amid a mounting outcry from the public for more information on the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history.

Washington Post Releases Video Editorial

Washington Post Digital Subs Soar Past 1 Million

WashPost Amps Up Its In-App AR Experience

WaPo’s Robot Reporter Has Published 850 Articles

Washington Post Unveils Own Mobile Ad Unit

The Washington Post has introduced Own, a first-of-its-kind ad unit that allows brands to quickly syndicate their new or existing content to The Post’s mobile audience. Developed by RED, The Post’s research, experimentation and development group, Own combines some of The Post’s “most ground-breaking commercial technologies to serve readers a more personalized advertising experience based on their previous content consumption,” it says.

Washington Post Brings AI To Its Native Ads

Publishers are running into a wall with so-called native ads. Once seen as the panacea for declining digital ad rates, these ads that are designed to mimic editorial content have turned out to be costly to make and distribute and hard to scale, which makes them a tough sell with advertisers and also eats into publishers’ profit margins. The Washington Post is trying to solve the problem with artificial intelligence.

WaPo’s Gelman To Keynote NewsTECHForum

The Washington Post’s director of video and senior editor will highlight a conference gathering news, technology and digital executives to discuss the newspaper’s aggressive video strategy and role as a multiplatform news competitor.

The Last Great American Newspaper War?

Breaking story after story, two great American newspapers, The New York Times and The Washington Post, are resurgent, with record readerships. One has greater global reach and fifth-generation family ownership; the other has Jeff Bezos as its deep-pocketed proprietor and a technological advantage. Both, however, still face an existential foe.