Washington Post

Washington Post Taps Top Axios Editor To Oversee Local Coverage

Washington Post Reaches Contract Deal With Newsroom Union

The tentative agreement would end 18 months of negotiations that included a one-day work stoppage.

Washington Post Staffers Stage One-Day Work Stoppage

Washington Post Latest To Pause Its Advertising On X

The decision follows owner Elon Musk’s bizarre embrace of the utterly debunked “Pizzagate” conspiracy theory on Tuesday.

Washington Post Names Ex-Dow Jones Chief William Lewis CEO

The Jeff Bezos-owned paper has been struggling with declining traffic and subscriptions.

Washington Post Will Offer Buyouts To Cut Staff By 240

The staff reductions come after Post leaders determined that recent revenue projections were overly optimistic.

Scott Vance Promoted To Managing Editor Of The Washington Post

Byron Allen’s Local Now Launches WaPo FAST Channel

The Allen Media Group digital platform Local Now – the free-streaming service for local news and entertainment – announced today the addition of Washington Post Television to its channel line-up. Washington Post Television provides breaking […]

Washington Post Lays Off Seven From Ambitious Tech Division

Douglas Feaver, Washington Post Editor Who Ran Early Online Operation, Dies At 84

Elon Musk’s X Is Throttling Traffic To News And Websites He Dislikes

The site formerly known as Twitter has added a five-second delay when a user clicks on a shortened link to the New York Times, Facebook and other sites Musk commonly attacks, a Washington Post analysis found.

A Decade Ago, Jeff Bezos Bought A Newspaper. Now He’s Paying Attention To It Again

The Amazon founder, who purchased The Washington Post for $250 million in 2013, has taken a more active role in the paper’s operations this year.

Washington Post Publisher Fred Ryan Leaves Paper After 9 Years At Helm

Washington Post publisher and chief executive Fred Ryan is leaving the newspaper after nine years in charge to lead a newly formed Center on Public Civility at the Ronald Reagan […]

Washington Post Names Matea Gold Managing Editor

Will Sommer Joins Washington Post As A Media Reporter

Washington Post Launches FAST Channel On Amazon Freevee

The storied journalism destination enters a new genre with debut of Washington Post Television on May 6.


Banning Noncompete Clauses Would Be A Game Changer

The Federal Trade Commission’s proposal to ban noncompete agreements would be an economic game changer, affecting up to one-fifth of American workers. Noncompetes forbid workers from starting a similar company or working at a rival firm for up to several years. The agency is right to be concerned. It should move forward with a partial ban covering low- and middle-income workers.

Washington Post Begins Laying Off Workers Days After Jeff Bezos Visit

The Washington Post began firing staffers Tuesday as the Jeff Bezos-owned broadsheet suffers declines in advertising revenue and readership, the paper announced. The company is expected to lay off 20 journalists and not fill another 30 vacancies, leading to a sigh of relief from those at the venerable paper who were fearing a more major blood-letting.

Jeff Bezos May Sell Washington Post To Buy Commanders, Investors Say

Does Jeff Bezos love football more than he loves newspapers? That’s a question getting tossed around the nation’s capital as its NFL franchise hits the block. Chatter is growing that Amazon’s billionaire founder is looking to clear the way for a purchase of the Washington Commanders by selling the Washington Post — with speculation boosted last month by leaked video of publisher Fred Ryan disclosing layoff plans at an unruly town hall meeting. The problem for Bezos reportedly is that the Commanders’ embattled owner, Dan Snyder, is still sore over the storied newspaper’s series of exposes alleging a toxic management culture at the team, where bosses, including Snyder, allegedly enabled sex harassment.


Let C-SPAN’s Cameras Back Into The House

Watching Congress has been boring last week, and not just because the speaker drama got resolved. When the House came back into session last Monday night to vote on its rules package for the next two years, citizens viewing at home saw less of what was happening on the floor because government employees, instead of independent C-SPAN camera operators, once again controlled the video feed and projected staid and static images of the dais. During the days before the new Congress was sworn in, Americans were given a rare opportunity to see their representatives at work elsewhere in the chamber, engaging in candid give-and-take. We support bipartisan efforts to make that the new norm in the people’s House.

Bloomberg Has No Interest In Acquiring Dow Jones Or Washington Post: Spokesman

“There have been no conversations with anyone or either organization about an acquisition,” Bloomberg spokesman Ty Trippet said in a tweet Tuesday, which was retweeted by billionaire owner Michael Bloomberg. Axios reported on Friday that Bloomberg was interested in acquiring either Wall Street Journal parent company Dow Jones from Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. or the Washington Post from Amazon.com’s Jeff Bezos, citing a source familiar with Bloomberg’s thinking.

Bloomberg Eyes WSJ Parent Dow Jones, Washington Post

Michael Bloomberg, the billionaire businessman and media mogul, is interested in acquiring either Wall Street Journal parent company Dow Jones or The Washington Post, according to a source familiar with his thinking. Bloomberg wants to expand his media empire and sees Dow Jones as his ideal fit, but he would buy the Post if Jeff Bezos were interested in selling, the source said.

Bezos Appears To Lose Interest In Washington Post As Its Tech Ambitions Wither

When the tech billionaire bought the Post in 2013, Bezos said he dreamed of reimagining the newspaper as both a media and technology powerhouse.

But the dream of morphing a paper into a tech company has foundered. Earlier this month, the Post folded its standalone ad tech platform, Zeus, into other parts of the company, and its attempt to provide its publishing system as a service to other publishers may have to be spun out of the company.


Newscasts May Need Overhaul, But Not At The Expense Of Viewer Connection

Leaders from The Washington Post, E.W. Scripps, NBCUniversal Local and Bitcentral told an audience at TVNewsCheck’s NewsTECHFourm that traditional newscasts are in need of a shakeup, but core features like relatable anchors and a clear sense of connection to community can’t be jettisoned in the changes. Above (l-r): Scripps’ Socrates Lozano, NBCUniversal Local’s Meredith McGinn, Bitcentral’s Sam Peterson, WCBS New York’s Sarah Burke, Washington Post’s Micah Gelman and moderator TVNewsCheck‘s Michael Depp (Alyssa Wesley photo). Read a full report here and/or watch the video above.

Washington Post Publisher Announces Plan For Job Cuts

Fred Ryan, the publisher of The Washington Post, said in a meeting with employees on Wednesday that the company would eliminate some positions early next year, including some in the newsroom, as the company looks to focus on different coverage areas. Ryan said that the cuts would amount to a single-digit percentage of staff, adding that the company would finish its plans over the coming weeks. He said there would not be an overall reduction in the newsroom’s head count because the cuts would be offset by hiring in other areas. The newsroom has more than 1,000 employees.

Washington Post Considers Selling Tech Business It Built Up On Jeff Bezos’s Watch

Top Washington Post executives recently came to owner Jeff Bezos with a proposal. The company had spent the better part of a decade turning an in-house publishing tool into a broader software business, with some success. The Post’s software, known as Arc XP, now services the likes of pro basketball’s Golden State Warriors and energy company BP PLC. But the business, the executives said, had reached a crossroads and the Post needed to explore a spinoff or sale to realize its potential, according to people familiar with the discussions. Bezos gave his blessing to explore those options, they said.

The Washington Post Will End Its Sunday Magazine, Eliminate Positions

The Washington Post will stop publishing its stand-alone print magazine, one of the last of its kind in the country and which has been published under different names for more than six decades, the newspaper’s executive editor, Sally Buzbee, announced Wednesday. The Sunday magazine has 10 staff members, who were told in a meeting that their positions have been eliminated, according to Shani George, The Post’s vice president for communications.

NewsTECHForum: Blowing Up The Newscast In Order To Save It

News, technology and media futurists from The Washington Post, NBCUniversal Local, E.W. Scripps, CBS News New York and Bitcentral frame out how they’re envisioning, testing and implementing changes to longstanding news conventions in a panel at TVNewsCheck’s NewsTECHForum event at the New York Hilton on Dec. 13. Register here.

Washington Post Reorganizes Audience Growth And Strategy Group

Washington Post And Newsy Launching ‘Election 22: What Matters’

Beginning Sept. 9 and continuing for nine weeks, Election 22: What Matters will focus on a different topic relevant to the elections, such as the economy, inflation, reproductive rights, health care and the state of democracy at large. Election 22: What Matters will air at 8:30 p.m. Fridays on Newsy, the 24/7 free over-the-air broadcast news network owned by E.W. Scripps Co.

Twitter Is Letting News Publishers Post Customizable Cards

Tweet Tiles are “a new, customizable way to expand the creative surface area of a tweet” that could give news publishers a way to stand out in feeds.

Inside The Washington Post’s ‘Goldmine’ Hollywood Deal

Brian Grazer, Bryan Lourd, and Fred Ryan dish on the DC paper’s partnership with Imagine and CAA, which already has four projects in development.

Trump Responds To Pulitzer Rejection Of Demand To Revoke Reporting Awards

Washington Post Names David Shipley Its Opinion Editor

Washington Post Unveils New Social Media Policy After Newsroom Battle

The Washington Post Fires Reporter Felicia Sonmez Amid Week Of Infighting

Taylor Lorenz Hopes The New York Times Will ‘Evolve In Their Ways’ As She Leaves For The Washington Post

The Washington Post is powering up its coverage of the online world by hiring Taylor Lorenz, The New York Times tech reporter whose stories on influencer culture and social media trends helped usher the Gray Lady into the 21st century. The star reporter with a massive online following thinks the Post gets the internet in ways other outlets don’t.

Washington Post Expands Roles Of 3 Top Editors

Washington Post Restructures Leadership

Washington Post Asks Biden Administration To Help Evacuate Journalists

The paper’s publisher emailed U.S. National Security adviser Jake Sullivan this morning on behalf of the Washington Post, New York Times and Wall Street Journal.