ESPN Internet Rollout Tests TV Cash Cow

WatchESPN, the sports giant’s mobile app, is part of an aggressive push by ESPN into online services as pay television matures. ESPN pioneered sports TV on that medium and for three decades rode a steady rise in U.S. cable and satellite TV subscriptions. These now have leveled off and appear to be contracting. ESPN is at the forefront of the TV industry’s efforts to expand into Internet distribution. Wall Street Journal subscribers can read the full story here.

CES 2014

The War For Control Of Your Living Room

There’s a battle being waged for that much-maligned piece of furniture we all end up in front of sooner or later. Call it the Idiot Box, the Boob Tube or whatever you want — the majority of media consumption still happens in front of the television, and whether it’s gaming, movie watching, Netflix or just listening to the stereo, tech giants are fighting tooth and nail for a seat on your couch. Here’s what they’re bringing to the party.

Apple TV Gets HBO Go, WatchESPN, Others

Apple TV Adds HBO Go, WatchESPN, Sky

Access to WatchESPN and HBO GO require a cable subscription and HBO subscription, respectively. Sky News gives cord cutters a 24/7 live news stream for free.