The Five Most-Anticipated Web Shows

In just a few years, streaming shows have gone from curiosities to major players in television. This year two online-only programs, Netflix’s House of Cards and Amazon’s Transparent, won Golden Globes. Here’s a look at the five shows media buyers and planners should be following most closely, either because they will be hits or because they could expand the streaming universe.

Low-Budget Shows Leap From Web To TV

There are a growing number of Web series making the leap to TV. The phenomenon is drawing attention and cash from WPP Group, the world’s biggest ad agency conglomerate, and global media firm Viacom.

CW Launches CW Seed Digital Studio

CW Seed, an experimental digital entertainment studio and website, launched Thursday with four original Web shows. The ambitious effort represents a dramatic increase in the CW television network’s investment in original programming for digital platforms. CW intends to roll out fresh episodes each week and add two other Web shows to the site later in the fall.

TV 2.0: Lots Of Creativity In Small Doses

Web series — serialized video shorts made specifically to air online and not on TV — have been emerging in earnest for only a decade. They’re out there in droves now, these fractured tales, strewn across websites big and small including YouTube,, and network sites. They can be low-budget affairs from unknown producers, and they can be the pet projects of established folks.