News Anchor, Reporter, Producer Opportunities

New jobs posted to TVNewsCheck’s Media Job Center include openings for a producer for WRAL in Raleigh, N.C.; a reporter for WICU in Erie, Pa.; and a producer/anchor for WENY in Elmira, N.Y.

DMAS 150 & 175

Rentrak Adds Lilly Broadcasting’s WSEE, WENY

Rentrak today announced an agreement with Lilly Broadcasting to provide local market TV ratings to CBS-CW affiliate WSEE Erie, Pa. (DMA 150), and ABC-CBS affil WENY Elmira, N.Y. (DMA 175). The stations will have access to Rentrak’s full suite of local services.  “We are excited to be making the switch to Rentrak ratings,” said Kevin Lilly, […]


Jessell: To Warn Or Not To Warn Is Weather Question

Of course, WENY Elmira, N.Y., last Sunday did the right thing when it pre-empted the final minutes of the World Cup to warn the public of life-threatening tornadoes in the area, despite the nasty carping of soccer fans. But stations have a parallel duty not to sensationize its servere weather reporting or issue unwarranted warnings. Crying wolf is its own danger.


WENY Cuts World Cup For Tornado Warning

Some World Cup fans in areas of New York and Pennsylvania were irate at the Elmira, N.Y., ABC affiliate Sunday for cutting into the last few minutes of the World Cup final to cover a tornado warning.