White House Begins The Search For A Fresh Communications Team

Longtime President Biden adviser Anita Dunn is interviewing candidates to replace departing top communications members. The effort to revamp the White House press operation comes as Biden has expressed frustration that his message isn’t breaking through to Americans and his approval ratings continue to hit new lows, while his aides prepare for him to seek re-election.

White House Deputy Press Secretary Resigns

Deputy White House press secretary TJ Ducklo resigned Saturday after a report on Friday said he threatened to “destroy” a Politico reporter for writing about his romantic relationship with another member of the media.

White House Deputy Press Secretary TJ Ducklo Suspended After Accusation Of Threat To Reporter


Norms Have Returned. Complacency Should Not.

The first official words by President Biden’s spokeswoman included truth and transparency. Wednesday night’s session with reporters, the first of the Biden administration, was so normal — so weirdly normal — that you could be forgiven for thinking that you had mistakenly put on an old episode of The West Wing. This return to norms is wonderfully welcome after the horrors of the past four years. It’s also potentially dangerous.

Biden Is Bringing Back The Daily Briefing

President-elect Joe Biden’s return to “normalcy” will include restoring the daily press briefing — and at least two women are under consideration to lead the new post-Trump show, according to people familiar with the deliberations. Kate Bedingfield is seen as having the inside track to become either White House communications director or press secretary. Symone Sanders could be offered the role of incoming press secretary, or slot into another position before winding up “at the podium” down the line, Biden aides and other people in and around the transition say.

For Trump Press Staffers, Common Threads To The White House

Cutthroat Battle To Be The Next Hope Hicks

The White House press office is ground zero for Trumpian dysfunction. Mercedes Schlapp and Tony Sayegh’s fight to lead it sparked even more havoc.