NAB: Erase, Replace White Space Database

The television white space database system, intended to increase the efficient use of TV spectrum, is a mess, according to the NAB. Because of that, the trade group has asked the FCC to suspend operation of the system until the “serious design flaws” in the system can be fixed. The FCC is thinking about the NAB’s proposal, and has solicited comments on it.


FCC Seeks Comments On White Space Tests

In separate public notices, the FCC has asked for comment on white space database tests recently conducted by Google Inc. and Key Bridge Global LLC. Their respective test reports are here and here. Mark your scorecards: once approved, these will be database managers numbers 3 and 4.

FCC OKs First White Spaces Database, Device

The commission issues a public notice to start operation of Spectrum Bridge’s TV White Spaces database system and authorization of a tv white spaces device.

TV White Space Database Managers Named

The television spectrum opened up for unlicensed devices is to be managed by nine companies. The FCC adopted an order Wednesday naming Google, Comsearch, Key Bridge and six others as conditional designees to manage a white space database.