WikiLeaks: Journalism Or Not?

Does WikiLeaks do journalism, or is it something else? The answer wasn’t evident when the organization burst into public consciousness at the top of this decade with the release of government documents about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. It seems even less so now following the arrest of founder Julian Assange in London.

VOA Jumps Through Tech Hoops To Report On WikiLeaks Documents

WikiLeaks: CIA Hacked Samsung Smart TVs

WikiLeaks has published a trove of documents it says detail the inner workings of the CIA’s hacking programs — and among them is the claim that the U.S. spy agency is able to hack into Samsung smart TVs and use them as covert microphones.


Media Get Mixed Grades On WikiLeaks

A solid majority of Americans who followed the story believe the recent WikiLeaks release of State Department documents harmed the public interest, according to a new survey. But those respondents are more divided on the media’s handling of the leaks, with more than half saying the press acted appropriately or should have published more of the classified material.