Maybe We Treat TV With Too Much Respect

Willa Paskin: “Friends, bingers, countrymen, I come to bury television, not to praise it. 2019 was the first year I started to look askance at something I have said thousands of time: ‘I love television.’ This phrase, which had previously seemed so pedestrian and yet so true, the cozy benediction lobbed at a loved one on their way out the door, suddenly became strange.”


Is The Golden Age Of Television Over?

Since the 1999 premiere of The Sopranos, a cri du coeur that TV really could be as ambitious and serious as its writers wanted to make it, the antihero has been inextricably associated with great television. But in the last few years, the archetype has started to sour, and this year, I think , completely curdled. Walter White died and revealed the field behind him to be occupied by a bunch of wan copycats.