The Life And Times Of Bill O’Shaughnessy

Radio And First Amendment Advocate William O’Shaughnessy Dies

William O’Shaughnessy, chairman of Whitney Global Media, owner of Westchester, N.Y., radio stations WVOX-AM and WVIP-FM and author of several books, died Saturday at his home in Litchfield, Conn. He was 84.


The Rush To Boycott Rush Is Dangerous

This anti-Limbaugh movement is starting to look like a mob. Other radio personalities without Rush’s bank account or following may pull back from lusty debate for fear they could be the next target of advertiser boycotts. And it will give TV broadcasters one more reason to avoid political speech (or anything else) that would rile viewers and risk unhappy advertisers. Not that they need another reason. Perhaps conditioned from all those years operating under the fairness doctrine, TV stations for the most part have acted as if it were still in effect.