Get Ready For The Era Of ‘Branded Calls’

It appears the wireless industry in the U.S. is gearing up to support “branded calls.” Such calls will allow businesses to insert things like their name, the reason for their call and even potentially their corporate logo into a smartphone’s calling screen. According to the companies promoting the technology, branded calls can help reduce the nuisance of spam calls, and can create more trust in the nation’s overall calling system. However, the technology may also allow voice calling providers to make more money by charging businesses to access this kind of Rich Call Data (RCD).

Dish In Talks To Sell Wireless Plans Through Amazon

Dish Network is in talks to sell wireless plans for its nascent mobile phone service through Amazon, according to people familiar with the matter, an arrangement that could give the telecom company’s 5G rollout a critical lifeline. Details of the new phone plans sold through Amazon’s U.S. website could be announced as soon as June, the people said, though several factors could still delay or derail their launch.

NAB Show: GatesAir Amplifies Multichannel DAB Transmission Series

GatesAir, a Thomson Broadcast subsidiary dedicated to wireless content delivery, enters its second century in business with new over-the-air broadcast innovations on the horizon for NAB Show 2023 (April 16-19 […]

AT&T, Verizon, And T-Mobile Could Avoid $200 Million In Fines Thanks To FCC Deadlock

Cellphone carriers facing roughly $200 million in fines for sharing their customers’ locations are for now shielded from paying by the FCC’s partisan deadlock, according to people familiar with the matter. A partisan divide leaves the regulator short of the votes required to require T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon to pay fines.

Analyst Asks If Cable Is A Good Business And The Answer Doesn’t Mention TV

Craig Moffett says bearish investors are concerned about broadband capex, but overlooking wireless.

Kara Graves Joins Wilkinson Barker Knauer As Partner in DC Office

Wilkinson Barker Knauer has hired Kara Graves as a partner in its Washington office. She joins WBK with deep experience in wireless issues, specializing in spectrum policy, infrastructure and accessibility. […]

Home Broadband/Mobile Has Become Comcast’s ‘Lead Bundle,’ CFO Says

With pay-TV losses likely to continue, wireless has rapidly emerged as the primary pairing with home broadband at Comcast. “You’re really seeing it become the lead bundle, having the connectivity bundle with broadband together with wireless,” Comcast CFO Mike Cavanagh said Tuesday at the J.P. Morgan Global Technology, Media and Communications Conference.

Fixed Wireless Could Add 10 Million Subscribers by 2027

Wells Fargo’s Eric Luebchow and Steven Cahall predict cable broadband market share could be halved in five years.

Is The Wireless Gravy Train Nearing An End?

Wireless subscriber growth has been off the charts over the past year, with second quarter increases nearing records as mobile service providers like AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile blanket the market with free offerings. But as subscriber numbers have surged, MoffettNathanson principal and senior analyst Craig Moffett wrote in a research report that those new customers are a volatile bunch, meaning the industry may soon have to decide whether to keep heavy promotions going just to maintain the status quo, or risk losing them by turning off the promotional spigot.

CP Communications Provides Wireless RF Support During MLB All-Star Game Activities

CP Communications, a provider of solutions and services for live event productions, provided RF coordination and an extensive complement of equipment for ESPN, Fox and MLB Network during Major League Baseball’s All-Star Game and related […]


TVN Tech | Broadcasters Weigh 5G’s Potential

For broadcasters, 5G represents both a potentially helpful new tool and a competitive threat. The reality of either prospect hinges on how quickly and deeply the technology gets rolled out.

In 5G Pivot, Dish Closes Boost Mobile Deal

Satellite TV company Dish Network says it has closed on its acquisition of the prepaid service Boost Mobile from T-Mobile, effectively making the pay-TV company the country’s fourth major mobile provider alongside Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile. Dish is now focusing its new investments on building out a 5G network as the satellite TV business continues to shrink.

Verizon Strikes Deal To Market Pluto TV

Verizon and ViacomCBS have struck a deal for the latter’s fast-growing AVOD property, Pluto TV, to bundled across Verizon’s 116 million wireless, 4 million video, and 6 million broadband customers in the U.S.

NAB Slams OTI, Facebook Over 6 GHz

The NAB is clearly unhappy with the prospect that the FCC will open up the entire 6 GHz band for sharing with unlicensed wireless. Patrick McFadden, the group’s associate general counsel, left nothing but scorched earth beneath the Open Technology Institute, Facebook, tech companies in general, conservative groups and others in a blog post over the hot-button issue of opening up that spectrum, a proposal the FCC is voting on this week.

After The Virus: A 5G Gold Rush?

The surge of Americans working, learning and socializing online is helping make the wireless industry’s case for building superfast internet connections.

T-Mobile Closes Merger With Sprint, And A Wireless Giant Is Born

Dish Chairman Touts Wireless Plan

Dish’s Charlie Ergen said he has letters from three banks prepared to offer $10 billion to fund the company’s new wireless network as he appeared in federal court to testify in support of T-Mobile US’s purchase of rival Sprint.

Rep. Matsui Circulates C-Band Compromise Bill

As promised at a recent hearing, Rep. Doris Matsui, co-chair of the Congressional Spectrum Caucus, has released a discussion draft of a C-Band repurposing compromise bill, the Wireless Investment Now in 5G Act, that would have the FCC auctioning some or all of the (3700-4200 MHz) midband spectrum in its effort to free up more airwaves for next-gen wireless broadband.

Trump To Develop National ‘5G’ Wireless Strategy

The administration isn’t calling for any specific action other than reports from various agencies due in about six months, and the development of the strategy itself in about nine months.

Can Wireless Challenge Cable For Home Internet?

Using an emerging wireless technology known as 5G, Verizon’s 5G Home service provides an alternative to cable for connecting laptops, phones, TVs and other devices over Wi-Fi. It launches in four U.S. cities on Monday.

Dish Faces FCC Questions On Build-Out Plan

Dish Network Corp. is being asked by the FCC to provide details about its wireless network plans, a not-so-gentle reminder that the company has less than two years to use […]

Pai Wants $1B For Networks In PR, VI

Chairman Ajit Pai steps up the FCC’s efforts to help the island territories repair and expand wireless and broadband networks devastated by last year’s hurricanes.

Verizon To Pay Over $1.5B For NFL Streaming

The wireless carrier is making a big bet on its pro football deal — but it will no longer have exclusive mobile rights.

Setbacks Slow AT&T’s Moves To Dominate TV

With AT&T’s core wireless business getting tougher and tougher, the telecom giant has looked to reinvent itself as the model of a next-generation media conglomerate, starting with the $49 billion deal to buy DirecTV in 2015. AT&T is trying to imagine a future where your smartphone is the center of the entertainment universe, and taking active steps to get there. That future, however, is not a sure thing, and AT&T has seen the growth of one of its marquee efforts stall in early 2017.

Dish Subs Can Now Channel Surf With Alexa

Dish subscribers with an Internet-connected Hopper or Wally DVR can now deliver voice commands to Amazon’s Echo to change channels, and perform other tasks such as pause, fast-forward and rewind.

Dish Network, Amazon In Wireless Talks

Amazon would become a foundational customer of the wireless network Dish Network hopes to launch within the next few years. It’s not clear if the discussions also involve an investment by Amazon in Dish Network and/or its potential wireless business.

Comcast, Charter Reach Wireless Deal

Comcast and Charter Communications said today they have reached an operational agreement on working together on wireless communications plans. Under the agreement, the companies will sell wireless only to their own customers.

AT&T Plans More DirecTV-Wireless Bundles

CEO Randall Stephenson vowed to “make some adjustments” with the marketing of DirecTV after a quarter in which “churn was up significantly” — especially among those who don’t buy it as part of a bundle. He attributed the weakness to competition from streaming services, as well as as cable companies offering with their triple-play offers, combining video, Internet and voice services, he noted. “We continue to be big, big advocates of the integrated bundle.”

AT&T Buying Straight Path For $1.25B

AT&T said Monday it would buy Straight Path Communications, a holder of licenses to wireless spectrum, for $1.25 billion in an all-stock deal as it aims to accumulate the airwaves it needs for a next generation network. The deal shows how wireless carriers may be increasingly willing to pay lofty prices for assets they view as critical to 5G, which is expected to boast higher speeds and more capacity.


Comcast To Offer Cellular Plans

Comcast will start selling cellphone plans called Xfinity Mobile in the coming months, using a network it’s leasing from Verizon. Many subscribers will save money, especially if they don’t use a lot of data. The catch: Only Comcast internet customers can sign up.

Nexstar, Sinclair In ATSC 3.0 Datacasting Push

The two station groups’ goal is to promote broadcast spectrum aggregation, innovation and monetization, in anticipation of the adoption of ATSC 3.0. They say they want to include other broadcasters in the effort to compete in wireless data transmission.

The Top 5 Execs Leading Cable Into Wireless

While Comcast and Charter Communications are currently doing plenty of work, both engineering and otherwise, on upcoming wireless products based on MVNO relationships with Verizon, the cable industry isn’t talking much about who specifically is leading it into the wireless business. Here are profiles of five key executives on the front lines of assembling the cable industry’s wireless businesses.

Wireless Carriers See Threat From FCC Rules

They claim proposed privacy rules could hurt their ability to compete with the likes of Facebook and Google. The regulatory push comes at a time when Verizon and AT&T are working aggressively to sell ads that accompany their growing array of video products.


KRGV Relies On Letrosonics Wireless Gear For Telethon

Wireless Fever Cools Before FCC Auction

The U.S. government soon will reveal which companies want to bid on airwaves in the next multibillion-dollar spectrum auction. Who’s not on the list, due out as soon as this week, could be as significant as who is. Not only has cash-tight Sprint Corp. declined to join, but rich outsiders like Google are also sitting this one out. If no surprise bidders emerge to drive up prices, carriers may be able to grab valuable wireless space at a bargain after the record $41 billion they paid in an auction last year.


Now Hear This: 3 Big Audio Trends At NAB

Television is on the cusp of major changes that will give viewers the ability to personalize their TV audio experience and ultimately even immerse themselves in sound as a new standard for television becomes a reality. Two other developments likely to be center stage at next month’s NAB Show in Las Vegas are acceleration of a transition from baseband to IP transport of media on the production side of the equation, and preparation for a new era of wireless-enabled audio acquisition. For a resources guide to the companies mentioned in this story, click here. See all 2016 NAB Hot Topics stories here.


More Lessons From KC Tornado Warnings

Mobile Shapes Video, Wireless Evolution

AT&T is buying satellite TV provider DirecTV so it can offer packages that marry wireless and wired Internet access with traditional and online video. Verizon is buying AOL for technology to improve advertising on mobile devices. And Comcast tried — unsuccessfully — to get bigger, in part to compete better with online video services such as Netflix and Hulu. Here’s a look at what these three companies are doing.

NAB 2015 Tech: JVC’s MESH Video Network

JVC | Booth C4314 | Website: JVC Professional Video is unveiling the JVC Private MESH Video Network at the 2015 NAB. A solution for wireless, multi-camera coverage of sports, […]

FCC Refereeing Airwaves Fight

New lobbying battles at the FCC are increasingly forcing regulators to determine “property rights” in the sky, as more business sectors rely on mobile technologies that are crowding the nation’s limited airwaves. The battles now before the FCC pit oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico against educational TV programmers on shore, makers of wireless patient devices against military test-flight centers, and automobile collision avoidance radar against scientists listening for life in the universe.