Katzenberg Is Betting Big On Mobile Video

Since last year, the former DreamWorks Animation CEO has been making the rounds in Hollywood and at big industry events to pitch an ambitious new project, the holding company WndrCo. Among other things, WndrCo is building a global video platform for short- and mid-form content, which would be anchored by shows from some of the top Hollywood talent at production levels to rival HBO and Netflix.

Katzenberg’s WndrCo Targets 18-34s

In Cannes to talk up his latest venture, WndrCo, Jeffrey Katzenberg says he’s found “a brand new Everest.” The company is getting into what he’s so far terming “New TV” destined for mobile devices in the form of shows with full story arcs, but limited to 6-10 minutes per episode. The target demo is the coveted 18-34 range and the plan involves incentives along the way for every stakeholder, including creatives. It will be built with a significant advertising component.