WNYZ-LD Becomes New York City’s First ATSC 3.0 Broadcaster

The latest of the new wave of hybrid DTV/analog FM radio stations—WNYZ-LD—took to the air on March 22 as a fully-licensed NextGen TV station in the New York City borough of Queens, and in doing so, bested the full-power TV operations for the title of being the first in the Big Apple to air ATSC 3.0 broadcasts. The 3 kW ERP TV ch. 6 (82-88 MHz) station is licensed to Sound of Long Island Inc. (SOL) and transmits Korean language TV and radio broadcasts to the metropolitan New York City area and eastward towards Long Island, using a directional antenna in order to avoid interference with a full-power ch. 6 operation in Philadelphia, southwest of WNYZ-LD’s transmitter location.