WRC & Telemundo Washington Get New News Directors

Local News Close-Up: Capital Improvements In Washington, D.C.

Politics isn’t the only giant news story in our nation’s capital. In recent days, the newsrooms were all over the $6 billion sale of the NFL’s Washington Commanders. It’s been a bleak period for the D.C. sports teams, including the underperforming Commanders, Nationals, Capitals and Wizards, but the locals hope the new Commanders owner will shake things up for the better.

NBC Washington’s WRC, Telemundo Transforming Historic Nebraska Ave. Building

Tony Perkins To Join WRC Washington; Pat Lawson Muse To Retire

WRC Washington Journalist Pat Collins To Retire

Doreen Gentzler Retiring From WRC Washington After 33 Years

Ted Oberg Leaving KTRK Houston For WRC Washington

After 61 Years On WRC, ‘It’s Academic’ Is Moving To WETA

WRC Anchor Leon Harris Returns To Air After Serving DUI Jail Time

WRC Washington Anchor Leon Harris Gets Jail Time In DUI Case

Dominique Moody Moves From WVIT Hartford To WRC Washington

WRC Washington Adds Three Journalists

Wendy Rieger, Longtime WRC Washington Anchor, Dies At 65

WRC Washington Meteorologist Stops Live Tornado Warning To Alert His Family

WRC Washington Anchor Leon Harris Apologizes For DUI, Knows He ‘Let A Lot Of People Down’

WRC Washington Anchor Leon Harris Charged With DUI

What Wendy Rieger Learned From Washington

Rieger — who just retired after 33 years on NBC’s Washington O&O WRC — learned something important about the news, and about herself early in her career: Reporters aren’t fact-spewing robots, and viewers don’t expect them to be one. Within limits, there’s a place for personality, even emotion.

Five D.C., Stations Launch NextGen TV

The Howard NextGen TV Broadcast Collaborative culminates with academic resources and technical innovation to deliver ATSC 3.0 via WHUT, WJLA, WRC, WTTG and WUSA.

Longtime WRC Washington Anchor Wendy Rieger To Retire

Howard University’s ‘NextGen TV Broadcast Collaborative’ Bringing ATSC 3.0 Service To DC

Beginning later this summer, the school’s WHUT (PBS) will serve as the host station for NextGen TV broadcasts for itself and WJLA (ABC), WUSA (CBS), WTTG (Fox), and WRC (NBC).

Joe Krebs, WRC Reporter And ‘Steadfast Soldier’ Of DC Morning News, Dies At 78

Longtime DC Quiz Show Put To The Test: ‘It’s Academic’ Needs A New Sponsor

WRC Taps Molette Green To Anchor Weekend Mornings

Molette Green To Anchor WRC Weekend Morning News

WRC’s Aaron Gilchrist Leaving For NBC News Now

In His Memoir ‘Newsman,’ WRC’s Pat Collins Sticks To His Story

Shawn Yancy Joins WRC Washington

WRC Morning Anchor Aaron Gilchrist Heads To NBC News Now

Jummy Olabanji Named WRC Washington Morning Anchor

D.C. Stations Get Creative During Pandemic

For radio and TV stations, operating throughout the pandemic and bringing us news and entertainment day in and day out required so much more than a floor lamp, some well-curated books in the background and a working Zoom link. Let’s go behind the scenes of how several stations pulled it off.

WRC Raises $120,000 For Thanksgiving Fundraiser

WRC Washington Anchor On The Mend After Open Heart Surgery

Quiz Show ‘It’s Academic’ Gets Creative

Here’s one example of how the coronavirus is affecting It’s Academic, the world’s longest-running TV quiz show: The other day, a contestant competed on his phone in his car, which was parked outside a library because the WiFi was better there than at his house. Above, Hillary Howard, host of It’s Academic, tapes segments of the high school quiz show in her Arlington, Va., home. (Photo: Dave Statter)


WRC Fund Drive Benefits Over 60 Nonprofits

WRC Washington To Debut Pandemic-Focused ‘News 4 Kids’

NBC O&O WRC Washington (DMA 7) is launching News 4 Kids, a 30-minute weekly newscast aimed at helping children through the coronavirus pandemic. News 4 Kids will debut Saturday, April 11, […]

WRC Sports Anchor Sherree Burruss Leaves For CBS Sports HQ


WRC Fights Back Following WTTG Promo


WRC Adding Jummy Olabanji To Morning News

NBC-owned WRC Washington (DMA 6) is getting a new addition to its morning newscast. In July, Jummy Olabanji will be joining the News4 Today team as a live desk anchor […]


WRC Adds D.C. Sports Vet Johnny Holliday


WRC Says Govt. Shutdown Boosts Mid-Day News