CBS News Digital Unionizes With Writers Guild Of America East

CBS News Digital writers and editors unionized with the Writers Guild of America East in a move to ensure collective bargaining with management. The 46-member bargaining unit has called on CBS News management to voluntarily recognize their union without delay. A majority of guild members signed union cards and requested management recognize the union on Monday.

MSNBC Union Ratifies First Contract After 2 Years Of Negotiations

1,000-Plus Writers Guild East Members Sign Open Letter Calling For AI Protections For Journalists

A petition additionally asks news outlets to bargain over the technology with workers outside of contract negotiations and to commit to never replacing a human with an AI tool.

Fox, WNYW New York Staffers Reach Contract Agreement

Fox Television Stations and writers and producers for its WNYW New York have struck a new four-year contract, according to the Writers Guild of America East, which represents those employees.

Writers Guild Demand WNYW Fully Fund Member Pensions

The Writers Guild of America East members working at Fox-owned WNYW New York delivered a petition to station management demanding that pensions for union members be fully funded. The Guild said that 90% of the station’s union members signed the petition. The Guild similarly asked CBS News, ABC News and Audacy in New York to fund their employees’ pensions and those units agreed.

MSNBC Writers And Bookers Press Unionization Drive With WGA East

A group of more than 300 MSNBC employees are mounting a unionization drive with the Writers Guild of America East to represent writers, talent bookers, fact-checkers and others in editorial at NBCUniversal’s all-news cable network.

WGAE Condemns Trump Praise Of Press Attacks

The Writers Guild of America, East (WGAE) has condemned President Donald Trump’s latest attack on journalists, which he has long called the enemies of the people and allied with his Democratic opponents to bring down his Administration. WGAE’s more than 4,700 members include staffers in broadcast TV, radio and digital news.

Reality, Doc Writers, Producers Seek Relief

As people binge on documentaries during the pandemic, filmmakers are seeking help. The Writers Guild of America, East, is petitioning studios for relief.

Writers Guild East Accuses NBCUniversal Of Union Busting

WGAE And CBSN Agree To Contract

The Writers Guild of America East says it has negotiated the first contract with CBSN, which the guild said marks the first anchored live streaming service to be unionized.

Slate’s Editorial Staff Gives OK To Strike

Writers and editors at Slate have voted nearly unanimously to green-light a strike, escalating tensions between the digital publication and its newly unionized employees. Slate’s editorial employees authorized the potential strike by a vote of 52 to 1, according to a spokesman for the Writers Guild of America – East, and are now weighing when they may walk off the job.

Slate Is Latest Media Company To Unionize

Vice Video Employees Unionize

Vice Media employees producing video — some 300 of them — have unionized with the Writers Guild of America East and the Motion Picture Editors Guild, the unions said Thursday. The union will cover employees working for, Viceland and Vice’s HBO programming. 

Beau Willimon Set To Be Next WGA East President

WGA ‘Appalled’ At FCC Colbert Investigation

“What is obscene is not what Colbert said but any attempt by the government to stifle dissent and creativity,” WGA East president Michael Winship and West president Howard Rodman say.

MTV Staffers Look To Unionize

Following in the stead of a number of pureplay news organizations, a majority of MTV’s staffers are now looking for union representation of their own. Daniel Marans reports that more than 80% of 50 eligible employees have voted for the Writers Guild of America, East to represent them.

Fusion Staff Has Unionized With WGA East

WGA East Wins Unionization Bid At Peacock Prods.

What Is In Digital Media’s First Labor Contract

The first contract designed and negotiated for a digital media company, Gawker, is described by the Writers Guild of America as unique. The contract, approved Monday, says editorial decisions must be made strictly by editorial staff, sets a minimum annual salary of $50,000 and ensures 3% yearly raises for staff members this year and for the next two years.

Two Unions Gear Up For Digital Media Dominance

WGA East Seeks Reality TV Contract Talks

The WGA East has asked the Nonfiction Producers Association to start contract talks for a deal that would cover work by writers and producers on reality TV shows. The move prompted a chilly response.

NBCU Writers To Burke: Let Us Unionize

Writers from Saturday Night Live, Late Night, 30 Rock and a slew of other NBCUniversal shows sent a letter to NBCU President Steve Burke asking him to allow writers at the company’s Peacock Productions to unionize.

Unions Slam Cancellation Of ABC Soaps

WGAE says it’s “deeply disappointed” that All My Children and One Life to Live will go dark, while AFTRA says it’s a “devastating loss” for its members.