NBC’s Peacock Will Have An Xbox One App


ABC News Rolls Out App for Xbox One

HBO Go Arrives On Xbox One

Starz Play Launches On Xbox One

Xbox Getting ‘Sleepy Hollow,’ ‘Almost Human’

Sleepy Hollow, Almost Human and other current Fox TV shows are coming to Microsoft’s Xbox One, as the network offers its Fox Now online streaming app on the new video game console.

Microsoft Hopes Xbox Will Rule Living Rooms

For the past two years, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 has outsold its rivals. But it’s been eight years since that entertainment console came out, and Microsoft is the last of the three major console makers to unveil a new system, Xbox One. The stakes are high as Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo are all using their latest machines not only to draw gamers but also to command the living room. The goal is to extend their reach beyond loyal legions of hardcore gamers and to become as important to our lives at home as smartphones have become to our lives on the go.