Etsy, eBay, Others Weigh In Against Texas And Florida Content Moderation Laws

Etsy, eBay and Yelp have joined a growing list of companies and organizations urging the Supreme Court to strike down laws in Florida and Texas that prevent tech platforms from moderating content. “It ought to be fundamental to the First Amendment that a marketplace for handmade T-shirts and coffee mugs should not be forced by a state’s ‘free speech’ regulations to carry ‘I Hitler’ paraphernalia out of ‘fairness’ to all viewpoints,” Etsy, eBay and others say in a friend-of-the-court brief filed Thursday. “This case should be that simple as a First Amendment matter.”

Lessons For Newsrooms From Big Tech

There’s a lot that newsrooms could and should learn from what’s made platform and technology companies successful, sometimes at the direct expense of legacy news business models. Here are seven top takeaways.

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