DMAS 90 & 148

Quincy Adds Comscore In Two More Markets

The move follows Quincy Media’s adoption of the measurement service at its WXOW in La Crosse, Wis.

Comscore today announced an agreement to provide Quincy Media’s KWWL and KTIV with measurement services for the NBC and CW affiliates in Cedar Rapids-Waterloo and Sioux City, Iowa (DMAs 90 and 148, respectively).

“The growing number of agencies, advertisers and local stations relying on Comscore as currency made the timing right for us to begin our partnership with Comscore,” said Jim McKernan, regional vice president, Quincy Media. “We are excited to use the stable and reliable ratings from Comscore with our agency and advertiser partners.”

“We are proud to welcome KWWL and KTIV to the Comscore family,” said Steve Walsh, EVP of local markets at Comscore. “With the expansion all major local broadcasters are using Comscore in both markets.”

Quincy Media’s WXOW in La Crosse, Wis., was an early Comscore client, and according to Comscore, “this recent expansion demonstrates continuing momentum for Comscore in local markets as the industry increasingly values the precision and granularity of Comscore’s local-market measurement capabilities.”

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