Launches Online Attribution For OTT/CTV Advertising

Today,, a programmatic platform for addressable, mobile and OTT/CTV advertising, announced that the company has bolstered its OTT/CTV advertising offering with the launch of its new online attribution capability. Advertisers working with can now directly attribute online browser-based conversions to their OTT/CTV advertising campaigns, including those ads that are served on televisions.

This capability is especially applicable to direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands and e-commerce advertisers as it enables them to quickly measure performance and optimize campaigns to meet their performance goals.

Building on’s leading OTT/CTV attribution capabilities, online attribution joins’s existing online-to-offline foot traffic functionality. Advertisers can now attribute a return on investment (ROI) to their OTT/CTV campaigns by tracking lift in in-store visits, or by tracking online conversions, such as visiting an advertiser’s website, completing a form-fill, adding a product to a shopping cart, purchasing a product, and more. These features are enabled by’s cross-device capabilities and mobile attribution technology.

In 2019 alone, executed over 26,000 OTT/CTV campaigns for more than 7,500 unique advertisers, bringing advanced OTT/CTV advertising capabilities to advertisers of all sizes.’s rapid OTT/CTV growth is being driven by audience targeting methods that include addressable, behavioral and demographic targeting. According to the company: “With the ability to serve OTT/CTV ads to all eligible U.S. households,’s advanced attribution capabilities bring new measurement and reporting to advertisers looking to understand the effectiveness of their TV advertising, whether it is driving prospects and customers to physical locations or attributing online conversions to their ad buys.”

Frost Prioleau, CEO and co-founder of, said: “The power of our combined attribution offering of both online and physical in-store attribution gives advertisers an unprecedented understanding of how well their OTT/CTV advertising campaigns are performing. The new online conversion attribution is a game-changer for direct-to-consumer brands, e-commerce advertisers, and others who are looking to precisely measure the performance of their OTT/CTV campaigns.”

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