SpotX Adds Comprehensive Measurement And Attribution Suite To CTV Advertising Inventory

Global video advertising platform SpotX has expanded its Measurement and Attribution Suite. The offering gives advertisers the ability to accurately attribute ad spend across video channels including connected TV (CTV). SpotX says that “by uncovering valuable audience reach metrics like brand lift, incremental reach and frequency, and outcome-based measurement, advertisers can more accurately pinpoint the value across all video channels.

“With the largest number of measurement relationships in-market among SSPs, SpotX is able to provide a 360-degree view of campaign KPIs. SpotX has relationships with 11 leading measurement and analytics companies including Comscore, Kantar, Nielsen, STAQ, and Tru Optik.”

Kantar and Comscore also act as brand lift partners, allowing advertisers to gauge how viewers feel about a brand, measure brand recognition, and test creative assets. Outcome-based measurement partners, such as Comscore enable advertisers to link CTV exposure to digital actions, such as online purchases or website traffic.

Additionally, through attribution relationships with NCSolutions (NCS), NinthDecimal, Placed powered by Foursquare and PlaceIQ, brands can measure foot traffic to brick and mortar locations and in-store purchases from digital video ads. SpotX’s suite ensures that advertisers spending across CTV are able to accurately attribute ad spend to digital.

“Through our preferred partnership with SpotX, our mutual clients have been able to use NinthDecimal’s Location Conversion Index (LCI) for footfall attribution to clearly measure and understand the value and power of their digital video ad campaigns,” said Patrick Doyle, VP, partner revenue at NinthDecimal.

SpotX also offers capabilities through Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings (DAR) for CTV, including next-day view of audience demographics and ad delivery for mobile web, mobile app, desktop, and connected devices. Nielsen’s metrics help brands understand the incremental reach of a campaign’s ad on connected TV and linear TV.


SpotX’s partnership with Tru Optik allows advertisers to leverage mid and post-campaign reporting to identify if ads are reaching behavior and interest-based targets.

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