Videa Study: Adaptability Key To Staying Relevent In TV

Executives also cite growing impact of automated buying and selling processes.

Videa, an online marketplace for automated television advertising, released the results of its survey, How TV is Winning Back Its Leadership Position: Dynamic Careers in a Digital Age, which comprises perspectives from more than 200 marketing and advertising professionals with six or more years of experience in the TV advertising and buying industry.

Key findings from the study include:

  • Adaptability Is Critical — 90% of participants somewhat or strongly agree that marketing and advertising professionals who do not make it a priority to stay up to date on industry developments are destined for failure.
  • The TV Buying Process Is Changing Rapidly— A majority (52%) of respondents strongly agree that TV buying is transforming, and virtually everyone (94%) at least somewhat agrees.
  • Dollars Are Moving from Digital to TV— Over half (53%) of participants say they have seen dollars moving from digital to TV with the continued deployment of easier, more automated buying.
  • Automation Meets Advertiser Demands— 28% of marketing and advertising professionals think automation is very beneficial in meeting the demands of advertisers, while 53% agree that it is somewhat beneficial.
  • Transparency Is Key— 83% of respondents would have more confidence in a system with full transparency.
  • In-Flight Stewardship and Campaign Posting Saves Time— 80% of participants agree that having access to in-flight stewardship and campaign posting would save them significant time in their job.
  • Automation Is Essential for Efficiency— 90% of marketing and advertising professionals believe automation is important to the efficiency of the TV advertising buying process, this includes 39% percent who noted it is very

“Audience engagement has morphed from a linear model to viewers being able to access a much more diverse array of content,” said Mary Barnas, VP, platform adoption, Videa. “That’s certainly motivation for marketing and agency professionals to continuously adapt in order to remain relevant in the media ecosystem. TV and digital are going to remain the top contenders for media buyers, but these survey findings indicate that streamlining the advertising buying process through new technology is top of mind.”

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