Wingard To Add Nielsen’s Commspoint Local Tool

Today, Nielsen announced that Wingard, a marketing and advertising agency based in Jacksonville, Fla., is the first agency in the Southeast to subscribe to Nielsen’s Commspoint Local — a platform that allows agencies and advertisers to optimize media budgets against top-performing channels to achieve campaign objectives.

“Our mission is to connect brands and customers through thoughtful design and communication. By using Nielsen’s Commspoint Local for research, strategy development and media planning, our team can identify the right contact points and messaging for our clients’ unique audiences,” said Russell Baker, CEO of Wingard. “This level of insight into consumer behavior, market research, and media planning was once accessible only to large national brands and agencies. We are eager to bring this same level of capability to the benefit of our client partners’ work at the local level in key markets throughout the region, including Jacksonville, Orlando, and Atlanta.”

Commspoint Local is a platform that can enhance decision-making during the media buying process and bring a quantitative edge to agency planning. These capabilities are based on Nielsen’s Pointlogic research, which has been fine-tuned over 15 years of development.

Nielsen’s analytics transform the data into reach and effectiveness curves and powerful optimization engines, allowing users to map out their local planning targets via Nielsen’s Scarborough data fusion. This allows users to pinpoint their target audiences in specific markets.

“We are pleased to welcome Wingard as a subscriber for Commspoint Local,” said David Hohman, managing director, Nielsen Media Demand Side. “We are excited to offer them all of the sophisticated capabilities that this tool provides, including strategic and tactical planning insights to optimize their media plans. With Commspoint Local, we are able to provide agencies and advertisers with the insights they need to maximize revenues and advance their business objectives.”

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