Alphonso Launches Local TV Analytics Service

Local broadcasters can now supply advertisers with real-time local TV ad campaign analytics, fast attribution reporting and TV audience extension across digital devices.

TV data company Alphonso today introduced Alphonso Local, a suite of TV audience extension and ad analytics software and services for local broadcasters and station groups.

Alphonso Local consists of three core offerings: local TV-to-digital retargeting, so brands can amplify and optimize their TV spend across the web and mobile devices; local TV ad insights for data-driven media planning and competitive analysis; and closed-loop attribution, for rapid reporting on sales lift and other business metrics, resulting from local TV ads.

The NBC Owned Television Station Group signed on as the first client and has been working with Alphonso Local to offer its NBC owned stations access to Alphonso’s suite of local TV-data-driven software and services. The product is also in trial with other major network groups.

Alphonso Local addresses key challenges of the roughly $20 billion local TV ad industry in the U.S. by providing advanced local audience targeting well beyond age and gender, and then connecting local campaign ad exposures to actual business outcomes in a digital-like fashion.

With 34 million opted-in households nationwide reporting viewership data to Alphonso, via multiple major brands of smart TVs and other connected devices in the living room, Alphonso provides deterministic local-market TV viewership data at unprecedented scale, to help local brands pinpoint and measure their TV audiences, and understand their journey from ad exposures to purchases.

Local broadcasters using Alphonso Local can work with advertisers to amplify their TV ads, drive traffic into businesses with highly targeted ads and offers, and demonstrate the efficacy of those ads in driving business outcomes.


“Local TV ad budgets are threatened by encroaching social, search and digital platforms which have generally provided granular analytics and data in conjunction with media, even though TV remains the most widespread and powerful medium,” said Ashish Chordia, CEO of Alphonso. “We are enabling broadcasters to pinpoint very specific, local TV audience segments across digital devices with engaging, interactive video ads, and outperform other digital platforms. With the industry’s largest smart-TV viewership dataset we can do this at an unmatched scale for our clients.”

Local Measurement And Attribution

The self-serve, SaaS-based Alphonso Insights offering now allows local broadcasters to help their advertisers understand ad campaign performance with granular, always-on ad metrics for local TV ad campaigns, and connects the dots between linear TV ad views and actual business results such as online or offline purchases, and foot traffic into stores, restaurants and auto dealerships.

Alphonso’s patented video artificial intelligence (AI) completely automates the process of indexing and fingerprinting TV content both at a national and local level; creating metadata on the fly as ads and programs are played out over linear and OTT services. This automation enables the company to scale Alphonso Local in new markets quickly.

It is available today in several top markets including New York, Detroit, Washington, Dallas, Houston, Seattle, Atlanta, San Francisco, Phoenix, Denver, Los Angeles, Tampa, and Orlando. Miami, Boston, Philadelphia, and Chicago will be live later this month.

Alphonso said it plans to cover all major U.S. markets by mid-2019.

“Alphonso is leveling the playing field with our new local offerings. We are arming broadcasters with the real-time analytics they need to effectively monetize local airtime,” said Chordia. “The depth and breadth of our video AI coupled with local viewership data eclipses anything else in the marketplace and will drive a new level of brand investment in local TV.”

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