Aspire By Marketron Offers Free Tools, Resources For Salespeople

Marketron, a provider of enterprise revenue management and digital software solutions, has launched Aspire by Marketron, a new website that provides ideas, information and tools that salespeople and sales managers working in broadcast and media can use to close more business.

The free resources include educational webinars, case studies and creative assets. Aspire is designed to help salespeople stay on top of the latest selling techniques and trends, deliver more compelling proposals more quickly, and increase their sales and revenue.

“Marketron strongly believes in the broadcast and media industries, and we’re committed to supporting their growth now and into the future — a future that includes both digital and linear advertising products,” said Todd Kalman, senior vice president of sales at Marketron. “Aspire is another impactful resource to help everyone build their digital sales acumen and close more deals.”

Resources available on Aspire include webinars on current selling techniques and trends, as well as a searchable catalog of downloadable creative assets, including real-world examples that can be easily downloaded and incorporated into existing sales proposals. A series of case studies can be used to showcase successful tactics and to provide proof-of-concept examples for prospects.

Aspire says users “can hone not only their digital advertising knowledge but also their prospecting skills, identifying the businesses spending money and using that insight to curate a strong target account list. They can train themselves on digital advertising and become the local marketing experts, thereby gaining more success for their advertisers and increasing their overall share of advertising dollars spent in the market.”

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