DMA 106

Gray Buys Back Lincoln Station For $475K

Gray had sold the station to Sherry Nelson and her daughter Sara Jane Ingram in 2014 after stripping the station of its NBC affiliation.

Gray Television is buying back KNHL (formerly KHAS) Lincoln-Hastings-Kearney, Neb. (DMA 106), from the mother-daughter team of Sherry Nelson and Sara Jane Ingram for $475,000, according to an FCC filing.

Gray had acquired the station in 2014 as part of its $335 million purchase of the Hoak Media group, but decided to spin off KNHL to avoid running afoul of FCC local ownership rules, which were tightening up at the time.

Before selling KNHL, Gray shifted its NBC affiliation to KNSB, another station it owns in the expansive market. Gray also owns the market’s CBS affiliate, KOLN/KGIN.

KNHL currently airs SonLife Broadcasting. No word on Gray’s plans for the station.

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