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NewTek | Stand 7.C59| https://www.newtek.com

NewTek announced the availability of NDI 3.7 which includes an embedded software development kit (SDK) for manufacturers of video devices including cameras, monitors, converters, game consoles, video conferencing solutions, projectors, smart boards, and more. Since its introduction at IBC 2015, NDI implementation has focused around software applications running on computer devices and has received massive traction, bringing IP video to millions of users in thousands of products.

With the NDI Embedded SDK, manufacturers of hardware devices are now able to natively implement NDI into their products to work alongside the thousands of video products that automatically detect each other and share video, audio, metadata and more, bi-directionally across a standard Ethernet network with near zero latency. The NDI Embedded SDK extends the IP video revolution to content creators in multiple industries including broadcasting, A/V, enterprise, media, gaming, and more.

New enhancements in NDI 3.7 for end users include free tools to analyse NDI network streams and provide information about bit-rates, timing, video and audio formats and more. New developers capabilities include integrated frame-synchronization and automatic audio dynamic resampling, significant performance improvements, significantly improved network performance, next generation error correction to avoid packet loss, improved network discovery of sources, improvements to free tools, and much more.

“We believe the future of video is software, computers, and networks. This belief drives our vision of the future where all video devices are linked and able to share content in real time across a network,” said Dr. Andrew Cross, president and CTO for NewTek. “NDI is the realization of this vision and the NDI Embedded SDK extends its reach into new areas allowing all manufacturers to participate and provide the significant benefits of NDI for customers who want IP video.”

“NDI is one of the key enabling technologies driving the industry’s transition to live, IP-based production workflows. Using the NDI Embedded SDK in our new Pro Convert family of converters allows us to bring the exceptional ease of use, performance and reliability of our renowned capture devices to the world of NDI,” said Nick Ma, CEO and CTO at Magewell.


“The robust tools in the SDK and the support provided by NewTek combined to enable a smooth development experience for us and another outstanding Magewell product for our customers. With Pro Convert, producers can easily connect their existing equipment into NDI-enhanced production networks, helping them leverage the benefits of NDI while protecting their prior investments.”

The NDI Embedded SDK is based on technology developed for the recently launched NewTek Connect Spark Pro device that converts 4K video signals from HDMI to NDI for use over a standard gigabit network. NewTek is making this technology available to other companies that wish to have this capability.

The NDI 3.7 SDK and Embedded SDK are free to download for all embedded device manufacturers for design at ndi.newtek.com.

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