LiveRamp And Kinetiq Partner To Strengthen TV Analytics

Data connectivity platform LiveRamp and Kinetiq, a scalable solution to unify paid, earned and owned TV impressions at the household level, today announced a new partnership to streamline measurement of all TV ad exposures across traditionally siloed channels. Now, the companies say, “advertisers can finally capture a holistic view of their TV investments across all screens and all streams.”

TV measurement often lacks speed and agility, facing gaps in coverage, exclusion of advanced ad formats, and inaccurate auditing of exposure data across platforms resulting in complexities. By leveraging Kinetiq’s industry-leading ad catalog of 2,600 TV stations across more than 85 countries, LiveRamp ー through its Data Plus Math TV measurement solution ー can “more accurately tie cross-screen ad exposure data to outcomes to perform better, more comprehensive measurement and reporting.”

“Through these enhanced analytics capabilities, TV marketers and media owners no longer have to concede to blind spots when evaluating the value and impact of their expenditures,” said John Hoctor, GM of LiveRamp TV. “As viewership continues to fragment throughout the rapidly changing TV landscape, the value of cross-screen measurement and reporting increases tenfold. Access to Kinetiq’s intelligence platform allows us to connect the highest quantities of data with the agility and foresight necessary to deliver across any screen, be it linear, digital, streaming or beyond.”

Capturing TV ad exposures across all formats, lengths and language variations, Kinetiq enables Data Plus Math to connect impressions to other data sources in order to determine ROI, access historic ad placement performance, and optimize future TV and digital buys. LiveRamp customers can leverage this partnership to map viewers’ ad exposure to actual purchases, store visits, app downloads and other online or offline events, and ultimately gain more robust, accurate and actionable insights about TV audiences at scale.

“Working with LiveRamp, we aim to redefine the TV attribution model so brands, MVPDs and programmers can finally measure the full value of their marketing,” added Kevin Kohn, CEO at Kinetiq. “Paid attribution is only one part of that equation. We look forward to expanding our partnership to include attribution for TV sponsorships, earned media and product placements ー forever changing TV attribution for the industry.”

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