MadHive Announces Licensing Deal For HyphaMetrics Panel Data

Enterprise software platform MadHive said today that it will be the first partner to license HyphaMetrics’ panel data, “the only cross-screen and cross-walled garden dataset in the ecosystem.” It added that “combining MadHive’s proprietary OTT-first device graph with Hypha’s powerful panel data gives MadHive customers exclusive access to robust cross-screen insights, allowing them to seamlessly prove the value of their campaigns.”

“Advertisers today are struggling to understand the impact of their omnichannel campaigns,” said Adam Helfgott, MadHive CEO. “In order to be effective, device graphs need a powerful, privacy-friendly source of truth to validate their assumptions. Madhive sanity checks our device graph of 100 million households against Hypha’s validated truth set of media consumers daily in order to provide the most accurate campaign planning and performance insights across channels, devices, and individuals.”

The HyphaMetrics panel covers every connected device in the home. The partnership will give MadHive’s large advertiser and broadcaster clients access to extensive measurement insights like:

  • Real time data about who is watching what content and in what format — live, time-shifted, or streaming.
  • Individual viewing data across every network, program, advertisement, product placement, streaming app, gaming environment for every device in the household.
  • Granular data identifying time spent in apps, simultaneous app usage, multitasking metrics and more across mobile media environments.
  • Deterministic household device data to validate MadHive’s device graph.

“Panels play an integral role in the media ecosystem, but legacy measurement approaches were not built to solve for the fragmentation and technical complexities that come with modern viewing behaviors,” said Joanna Drews, HyphaMetrics CEO. “HyphaMetric’s patented approach to cross-platform, person-level measurement was built from the ground up to provide a holistic understanding of who is watching what, when and how — covering all aspects of the modern viewing environment including video gaming, secondary device usage, and walled gardens.”

MadHive’s full-stack solution is powering reach extension offerings for many major broadcast networks, extending across all 210 DMAs. Through these strategic broadcast partnerships, MadHive says it has access to measurement data from more than 300 billion monthly avails.

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