Media Financial Management Association And MediaVillage Launch

Jack Myers, founder of MediaVillage Knowledge Exchange, and Joseph J. Annotti, president-CEO of MFM (Media Financial Management Association), the not-for-profit professional association dedicated to the needs of business and finance executives in the media industry, today announced a new partnership.

Launching Oct. 1, will join more than 100 member organizations that have dedicated sites on MediaVillage, the communications platform where the marketing, media, advertising and entertainment community share business offerings, strategic insights and resources for industry professionals, educators and job seekers. will serve as the new communications platform for MFM, taking the place of The Financial Manager (TFM), the official publication of the MFM and hosting a wide spectrum of communications for the association. offers an innovative digital platform for members to build and channel community, share knowledge, and access industry insights and interactive conversations.

Annotti said: “The new platform on MediaVillage is a more efficient, timely venue for information and knowledge sharing across MFM, offering content ranging from posts to podcasts to video interviews where MFM members can engage via their choice of device. It will help broaden the reach of MFM and bring brands, agencies, and media together on the financial side, with MFM playing a key role. As the media industry continues to evolve, content will serve to help erase the ‘line of demarcation’ between the revenue and expense sides of financial departments.”

Among those leading the charge at is Janet Stilson, who has been both editor of TFM as well as editor of MediaVillage Knowledge Exchange. She is now overseeing a slate of stories for MFMInSites as well as many other stories within the MediaVillage ecosphere.

Content published on MFMInSites during its inaugural month will include such popular TFM columns as From the President, Dear Expert and Association NewsA new video series, Office Hours, hosted by MFM Board Advisory Committee member Cal Mostella, will feature an interview with Dave Bestler, EVP and CFO of Hubbard Radio and chair of MFM’s board of directors. Other content debuting throughout October includes an article spotlighting Pranav Yadav, founder and CEO of Neuro-Insight US; results of an MFM member survey; a podcast interview conducted by The Pool host Phil McKenzie with Stan Herriott, VP of finance, Hearst Television; and a video podcast interview, in which host Kate Byrne talks with Twuanna Munroe Ward, VP, distribution revenue accounting at Warner Bros. Discovery.


Myers added: “We look forward to this partnership with MFM in offering an invaluable and transformative member benefit that will fuel business growth, spark connections, and empower professional advancement opportunities through articles, videos and podcasts, networking opportunities, online learning, and research tools. MFM joins other associations including the ANA, 4As, AAF, AEF, Ad Council and DPAA, whose members now have access to our wealth of over 25 subject matter experts, journalists, and influencers, and who make MediaVillage their home for thought leadership conversations and commentary.”

Myers hosts a conversation with Annotti on MediaVillage’s Legends & Leaders, highlighting the changing role of financial management at leading national and regional advertisers; how media company financial professionals will need to intersect more with advertising sales management; and must relate to new revenue growth models, new competition, new research and tech investments, and new talent needs.

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