NBCU Ads & Partnerships Names New Ad Innovations & DSP Partners On Peacock

Today, NBCUniversal Advertising & Partnerships offered what it described as “a couple of key updates on our leading ad-supported streaming service, Peacock.”

In the next coming months, two new ad innovations — Pod Bounce and the Highlight Ad — will be launched onto the platform, “continuing NBCU’s commitment to reimagining the commercial experience for both our viewers and advertising partners,” it said.

Pod Bounce: “This commercial innovation enables brands to stand out as the hero during show content by creating a limited-commercial experience condensing the first ad break for viewers giving back more content and time to the consumer.”

Highlight Ad: “This commercial innovation is a non-interruptive, engaging format that brings a brand sponsorship to life during key in-content moments allowing viewers to take a closer look at pivotal moments on screen engaging directly with a brands message.”

In addition, NBCU is working with DSP partners DV360, OneView, The Trade Desk and Yahoo “to bring flexibility and efficiency to marketers on the platform.”

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