PlaceIQ And FourthWall Media Partner To Connect TV Advertising With In-Store Visits

FourthWall Media, a provider of television analytics, and PlaceIQ, which offers aggregated location data, have partnered to help advertisers and brands see, measure and improve the effectiveness of their TV advertising on in-store visitations.

Powered by FourthWall’s Reveal analytics platform, the offering uses anonymized matching of TV ad exposures with mobile location data to determine the impact of TV advertising campaigns on store traffic.

The partnership enables attribution analysis of television campaigns and physical visits to business establishments. The combined datasets enable campaign planning optimized to drive physical visits, ad exposure insights, and custom audience indices. These capabilities leverage FourthWall’s Reveal Connect, which, the company says, “matches television viewing data to first- and third-party datasets while protecting consumers’ personally identifiable information.”

“Reveal provides marketers with unparalleled insights into custom audience viewing behavior including exposure to ad campaigns,” says Tim Peters, CEO of FourthWall Media. “By partnering with PlaceIQ, we can draw a clear connection between advertising exposures on TV to store traffic among retailers, restaurants, auto dealers, and others. Now marketers can directly measure the impact and attribution of their campaigns, analyze the placement and creative that drove those visits, and use Reveal to optimize new campaigns that will drive even more store activity.”

“We’re excited to partner with FourthWall Media because we believe that TV is experiencing a data-driven ‘renaissance’,” says Manik Khanna, VP of business development at PlaceIQ. “Our partnership offers brands a great new opportunity to plan and analyze TV campaigns full-circle in order to understand what drives customer visits. Together we can fundamentally change advertiser perceptions of TV as a highly accountable medium.”

The companies say that by blending PlaceIQ’s unique foot traffic data with FourthWall’s second by second viewing data in the Reveal analytics platform, marketers can now plan and track ROI based television campaigns like they do digital.


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