Spot Automation: A Timeline

A user’s guide to automation development at Hudson MX, ProvantageX, Videa and WideOrbit.

Here’s a summary of the development timelines reported by executives at four major platforms:

Hudson MX has spent the last six months laying the foundation for streamlined communication with WideOrbit’s SSP and trafficking system, as well as the Imagine trafficking system. Hudson has been gathering makegood guidelines from the agencies and assuring that its system can handle all the variables within them. The company is intent on providing a fully automated makegood process by the end of 2020’s second quarter.

ProvantageX expects to have fully automated makegoods by third quarter next year. A crucial piece of the puzzle was solved in September when PVX formed an alliance with Mediaocean. Now PVX and Mediaocean are integrating their tools, and PVX is working on the step-by-step process within its own platform.

The Videa platform currently can be used to handle makegoods, albeit with manual steps. The next phase, now under construction, involves automatically determining network program changes (one of the key reasons why makegoods occur). In the following phase, Videa’s platform will suggest makegood solutions. And the final stage, which will occur well into 2020, the system will automatically make the changes. Videa is also hoping to create alliances with Hudson MX and WideOrbit. It already has agreements with Imagine, Freewheel and Mediaocean.

WideOrbit will ramp up its solution in the fourth quarter by allowing buyers to provide campaign details for variables like dates, audience goals and dayparts — in other words, the makegood acceptance rules integration. In February 2020, WideOrbit expects to add features that allow stations to automatically send makegood suggestions. Later in 2020, the suggestions process will be automated. It has formed alliances with Mediaocean and Hudson MX.

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