Startup Seeks TV Stations For OTT Streaming Channels

Launching this week at NAB next week, Strictly Streaming is offering TV stations a package of OTT streaming channels that they can redistribute via their websites and apps.

“Strictly Streaming is the first streaming video service that puts the local broadcaster first by being configured to reach elusive demographics, such as millennials, in their own home market,” said David Copenhaver, president of the service.

“We believe this will truly be a game changer for local broadcasters. It’s not competing with what’s currently on air, will provide additional revenue opportunities, uses no spectrum and gives stations the ability to insert local content, which will help cross-promote programming that attracts current viewers as well as developing deeper relationships with younger viewers.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Attractive front-end design that is consumer friendly and agile enough to accommodate specific local station needs.
  • Provides multiple revenue streams with continuous presence advertising, product placement, local advertising insertions, banners and E-commerce opportunities.
  • Can be viewed on phones and tablets as well as smart TVs or computers.
  • Robust analytics to measure viewer engagement KPI’s.

Currently Available Channels:

  • Indie Wave – a 24/7 music video channel featuring independent bands
  • WHAM Network – a gaming network for 12- to 35-year-olds
  • American Horror Channel – a 24-hour “scare fest”
  • Jewelry TV – shop from the largest buyer and seller of jewelry
  • Podcasts – primarily targeted towards women and minorities

“This will be the first real opportunity for local television to recreate and rediscover a sense of community among local audiences by meeting and engaging viewers where they are today,” says Copenhaver. “We hear from a lot of local stations seeking a solution to winning back what we call the elusive viewers. We are here to help with that solution.”


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