Studio71 Taps Nielsen For ‘Always On’ Digital Ad Ratings

Global media company Studio71 and Nielsen today announced an agreement where Studio71 will use Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings (DAR) “Always On” measurement. The agreement enables Studio71 to run DAR in all 37 global markets where DAR is available.

Studio71 will use Nielsen’s “Always On” DAR measurement to get a comprehensive view of its cross-channel networks, including connected TV (CTV). This will enable evaluation of the performance of advertising campaigns with independent, third-party, audience verification metrics and consistent persons-level reporting.

Kim Gilberti, Nielsen SVP, product management, said: “Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings, widely adopted by advertisers, gives Studio71 more holistic insights and will demonstrate the true breadth of their inventory to fully showcase their value to media buyers, agencies and advertisers.

“Enabling ’Always On’ measurement is critical for publishers because it expands visibility into their entire portfolio performance, leveraging data to drive more efficient media plans and, ultimately, a higher return on investment. It also makes it seamless for advertisers to enable measurement at scale.”

Nielsen said that marketers who opt into “Always On” DAR measurement on Studio71 “will have more impressions data to improve the ability to deliver ads to desired audiences, understand reach and manage frequency, and better understand the audience that sees the advertisement.”

Tariq Abouddafar, Studio71 SVP of ad platform operations, said: “Nielsen’s ‘Always On’ DAR integration gives us the ability to continuously analyze and optimize demographic pockets within our ad inventory, and in turn we can more effectively use that data for media planning and targeting. This enables us to offer our clients even more efficiency by eliminating advertising waste. Since our integration, our partners have seen huge performance increases in reaching target audiences, all verified by Nielsen’s leading measurement capabilities.”


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